Ocius builds and operates BLUEBOTTLE USVs, which are the superior persistent Uncrewed Surface Vessel in terms of power, payload, performance, and logistics.

Revolutionising marine operations with BlueBottle™ USV

Ocius Technology stands at the forefront of marine innovation, delivering advanced uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) designed to redefine marine operations across diverse sectors such as offshore. Our leading product, the BlueBottle™ USV, integrates cutting-edge technology with sustainable design principles, offering unparalleled capabilities in bathymetric surveys, marine mammal monitoring, anti-submarine warfare, environmental monitoring, and more.

Ocius Technology Ltd, formerly known as Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd, is an Australian public unlisted company with Construction and Research and Development facilities at the University of New South Wales. Ocius has a proven track record of conceiving, funding, and delivering innovative, high-tech, award-winning projects on time and within budget. Renowned for its award-winning ‘solarsailor‘ prototypes and hybrid electric passenger ferries, Ocius has demonstrated its capability to innovate in challenging maritime environments.

Bluebottle BLUEY being escorted out of Perth Harbour
Ocius delivers another Bluebottle USV to the Royal Australian Navy.
lueBottle USV at the 2nd Annual AIDN Symposium in front of Parliament House, Canberra
Hon Pat Conroy Minister for Defence Industry and Ocius CEO Robert Dane at Sea Air Space Expo Washington.
BLUEY successfully detecting whales
UNSW partnership to build robot boats named Best Australasian Industry Collaboration
BlueBottle BOB in the open ocean
BEACON visits the volcano at Nishinoshima Island
Politics, Industry, Defence and Academia working together

Ocius’s dedication to innovation and collaboration has resulted in multiple significant contracts and successful trials, including the Autonomous Warrior War games in Jervis Bay and extensive endurance and networking trials off the NSW Coast. The company continues to work with leading partners like Thales and is involved in various projects with Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence CRC, UNSW, Australian Maritime College, ThayerMahan, and Australian Border Force.

BlueBottle™ USV: Advancing marine science and operations

The BlueBottle™ USV represents a shift in marine technology, equipped with state-of-the-art features to ensure optimal performance in various conditions. Capable of operating silently with its “reel-in keel” winch system, the USV supports both active and passive arrays for anti-submarine warfare, enhancing maritime security capabilities. Its 6m mast above sea level facilitates electronic warfare and gateway communications, enabling seamless integration with multiple sensors for comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Applications in marine science and environmental monitoring for the offshore industry

From marine mammal monitoring to hydrocarbon detection and environmental assessments, the BlueBottle™ USV excels in diverse scientific endeavours for offshore operations. Equipped with multibeam echo sounders (MBES) and onboard processing capabilities, it provides real-time data on seabed conditions, marine biodiversity, and environmental parameters. The USV’s ability to operate continuously and autonomously for extended periods ensures robust data collection without the logistical constraints of crewed vessels.

Security and defence capabilities

In security and defence applications, the BlueBottle™ USV serves as an invaluable asset, offering early warning systems against asymmetric threats. With integrated acoustic and visual sensors, the USV patrols and monitors coastal waters, providing crucial surveillance capabilities while reducing operational risks and costs associated with manned missions. Real-time data transmission and onboard data processing further enhance its operational effectiveness in dynamic maritime environments.

Operational flexibility and scalability

Designed for versatility, the BlueBottle™ USV supports intelligent path planning and manoeuvring systems, enabling adaptive fleet management and operational flexibility. Its modular payload system accommodates up to 150 kg of sensors and equipment, allowing for customized configurations tailored to specific mission objectives. Whether launched from boat ramps, jetty cranes, or ship decks, the USV simplifies logistics and enhances deployment efficiency across various operational scenarios.

Market impact and collaborative initiatives in the offshore sector

The BlueBottle™ USV addresses a growing demand for autonomous systems in industries such as offshore energy, defence, and scientific research. Major stakeholders invest in USVs for their ability to conduct ‘dull, dirty, or dangerous’ operations efficiently and cost-effectively. Ocius Technology collaborates with global partners and leverages industry expertise to deliver innovative solutions that meet evolving market needs and regulatory requirements.

Prospects and environmental sustainability

Looking ahead, Ocius Technology remains committed to advancing sustainable marine technologies through ongoing research and development. The BlueBottle™ USV’s reliance on renewable energy sources—solar, wind, and wave power—underscores its environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. By minimising carbon footprint and optimizing resource utilization, the USV sets a benchmark for eco-friendly maritime operations worldwide.

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