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OCTOMAR Serviços Marítimos Limitada is an independent Angolan diving services company established in February 1998. The company’s policy is to ensure a high local content in its operations by developing local infrastructure and training the local population. Qualified local Angolan personnel and certified equipment, backed up by a core of resident on-site expatriate personnel places the company in a position to respond to almost any offshore diving requirement at short notice.

Good experience and a strong company reputation places OCTOMAR in an excellent position for both short and long-term projects.

“Learn and experience with excellent staff and equipment.”

OCTOMAR’s mission

OCTOMAR’s mission is to be the leading player in the Angolan market for maritime services, preferred by customers due to the high perceived added value of its fully certified local dive teams.

The enterprise aims for the following:

  • Leading player: to be first or second in all selected business
  • Angolan market: to operate in the whole Angolan market
  • Maritime services: to be active in professional services on / around Angolan waters
  • Integrated package: to offer customers a family of services tailored to their needs
  • High perceived added value: To focus on highly regarded specialist services

It also aims to continue to be the main provider of maritime services in Angola with the largest team of qualified Angolans divers.

Key focus points for OCTOMAR’s development in the coming years will be:

  • Specific training of Angolan nationals to have fully certified Angolan dive teams ready for long and short-term diving-related services
  • Further Angolanisation in all other (support) departments of the company
  • Investment in maintenance of in-country dive spreads to keep them to industry standards at all times
  • Investment in more in-country equipment and vessels in order to be able to assist our clients on a wider scale
  • Wider coverage within Angola to be able to supply services to clients in a more cost-effective and quicker way
  • Invest in a good client to contractor relationship to fulfill clients’ needs in the best possible way
  • To keep OCTOMAR’s high safety, health, environment and quality levels up to high standards

OCTOMAR’s vision

Octomar is a provider of maritime services, with offshore and subsea its field of operations.

The company values its combination of expertise, inventiveness and specialised equipment as the key ingredients towards offering customers the high-quality solutions they require. OCTOMAR strives to fulfill the needs of five critical stakeholder groups:

  • Customers: to deliver a high quality service tailored to customers’ specific needs
  • Employees: to offer challenging work, personal development opportunities and a clear career perspective
  • Shareholders: to offer transparency and to create shareholder value
  • Partners: to cooperate on bases of mutual respect and benefit
  • Society: to act with due care for the environment and the community

OCTOMAR services

OCTOMAR’s core services include supporting floating processing units and storage (FPSO) vessel services, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), and supporting the exploration, production and installation of oilfields. Many of the company’s inspection activities incorporate the use of various techniques for non-destructive testing, such as magnetic particles, ACFM, the eddy current, flooded member detection, and others.

All of OCTOMAR’s operations are performed with the use of air, mixed gas or saturation diving, or with the use of unmanned ROV vehicles. If necessary, support is provided by boats and DPII dynamic positioning diving support vessels.

OCTOMAR is a member of IMCA and is certified to perform underwater inspections by classification societies ABS, BV, DNV and Lloyds. All of the company’s operations are performed according to international standards such as IMCA ADC and other statutory organisations.

Diving services

OCTOMAR diving services include:

  • Air diving
  • Saturation diving
  • Mixed gas diving
  • ROVs

Oil and gas services

IRM of:

  • Platforms
  • Subsea structures
  • Seabed structures
  • SBM hose change out and maintenance
  • Hull and U-wild inspections (including ACFM equipment)

Construction services for:

  • Spool installation
  • J-tube / riser installation
  • Pipeline protection installation
  • Seabed / span corrections
  • Tie-in of umbilicals
  • Dome installation
  • Subsea tree installation

Civil / marine and coastal engineering construction support

IRM services for:

  • Quay walls, jetties and buoys
  • Lock, dams, weirs and pumping stations
  • Harbour infrastructure and anode replacement

Construction services for:

  • Underwater welding and cutting
  • Underwater concrete
  • Anode installation
  • Hyperbaric assistance
  • Cofferdam installation

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Offshore Diving and Marine Support Services

OCTOMAR Serviços Marítimos Limitada is an Angolan independent diving services company that has been supporting the local offshore oil and gas industry since early 1998.

OCTOMAR - Serviços Maritímos Lda

Base da Sonils

Rua 6, I.L.




+244 222 002 106 +244 916 578 897 (mob) +244 949 614 146 (mob) +244 222 010 956 www.octomar.co.ao

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Regional Offices

OCTOMAR - Serviços Maritímos Lda

Base da Sonils

Rua 6, I.L.




+244 222 002 106 +244 916 578 897 (mob) +244 949 614 146 (mob) +244 222 010 956 www.octomar.co.ao
Operations Office

Sonils Oilfield Service Centre

+244 912 507 930

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