5k water blaster by Seanic Ocean Systems

Seanic Ocean Systems builds products used by remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) to interface with subsea hardware.

The company sells and rents standardised industry products, develops custom engineered tooling solutions for unique and unforeseen problems, manages field services and operations, oversees IMR programmes, and offers storage and integration of customer products.

Customised subsea intervention solutions for the marine industry

Seanic engineers and develops custom intervention products to enhance the performance of ROVs. The company’s real-world experience help clients merge cost-effectiveness and efficiency into the ROV tooling package that best suits their project needs.

Seanic’s robust latch system on its Class 1 – 4 torque tool ensures that users are securely locked into the subsea basket until disengagement.
The company’s enclosed cavitation blaster effectively removes sediments from subsea objects without damaging their surfaces.
The flex joint cleaning tool is designed to clamp around subsea flex joints with pipeline diameters ranging from 8in to 24in.
Seanic’s flex joint cleaning tool brush is suitable for cleaning operations on industry-standard ROVs.
The company’s 5K water blaster is suitable for cleaning subsea structures of debris and marine growth.
The flying lead orientation tool (FLOT) provides the convenience of roll-up to 360°, allowing clients to dock flying leads in challenging conditions.

Seanic also offers standard product tool lines that are immediately available for rent or purchase.

Tooling for remote-operated vessels

Seanic offers a wide array of simple, rugged, and reliable ROV tools, which are the choice of many operators because of their performance and dependability. For typical ROV tasks, the company’s field-proven tools will do the job efficiently and economically.

Seanic’s ROV equipment include:

  • Class 17H 1-4 torque tool
  • Class 17H 5, 6 and 7 adapter
  • Flying lead orientation tool (FLOT)
  • Subsea torque test jig
  • Super grinder
  • 10K / 15K multipurpose intensifier pump
  • Well head brushing tool
  • AX / VX removal / installation tool
  • Hub cleaning tools
  • Zero leak hot stabs
  • Paddle valves
  • Linear valve override (LVOT)
  • Enclosed cavitation blaster (ECB)
  • Flex joint cleaning tool (FJT)

Solutions for underwater operations

Cutting-edge engineered solutions offered range from subsea equipment structures and deployment frames to flex joint inspection and cleaning systems. Growing inspections, maintenance and repair opportunities continue to develop with the need to clean soft or sensitive materials.

Seanic’s enclosed cavitation blaster (ECB) is used for general purpose cleaning, strake and fairing cleaning, as well as underwater inspections in lieu of dry-docking (UWILD) inspections.

The ECB unit uses cavitation technology to gently yet effectively remove barnacles and marine growth from soft surfaces and structures such as vessel hulls, strakes, risers, fairings and moorings, thereby reducing weight and drag.

Unlike traditional 5,000psi or 10,000psi water blasters, Seanic’s ECB unit cleans subsea objects without damaging soft plastic or rubber surfaces.

Flex joint cleaning tools

Seanic’s flex joint cleaning tool thoroughly removes excessive marine growth from the elastomer on the underside of the flex joint, allowing for optimal inspection.

It is operated by a Seanic technician using a joystick and tooling computer with GUI interface inside the ROV control van. The unique deployment system allows it to be used on many industry-recognised work-class ROVs.

High-pressure water blasters for cleaning operations

Seanic manufactures and rents high-pressure water blasters for cleaning and subsea structures of debris and marine growth.

These are industry-standard, hydraulically driven pumps that can generate the force necessary for even the toughest cleaning jobs.

Flying lead orientation tools (FLOT)

The Seanic FLOT provides the operator with a durable design with greater versatility and less overall weight.

This unit can easily be custom-designed to fit any torque tool and provides the convenience of roll-up to 360°, giving clients the ability to dock flying leads in challenging conditions.

Subsea engineered solutions

From initial concept development to the final factory acceptance test, Seanic Ocean Systems engineers and delivers quality that lasts.

The company’s highly specialised engineers and staff bring decades of experience, design expertise, and an understanding of deepwater operations, providing clients with durable and easy-to-use products and services that meet their expectations every time.

About Seanic Ocean Systems

Operating from Houston, US, Seanic has extensive experience supporting projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Australasia and the UK, engineering and delivering long-lasting quality.

Established in 2007, the firm now employs more than 60 employees in the US, Singapore and Aberdeen, creating custom-engineered solutions for the subsea industry and is a Centurion Group Company.