TSMarine is a specialist marine and subsea operations services provider, whose primary focus is rigless subsea well intervention, decommissioning of subsea production facilities and subsea construction / installation-support services, including SAT diving to 300m.

TSMarine’s equipment, vessels and expertise are also available to support a diverse cross-section of offshore projects. TSMarine is actively engaged in servicing many areas of the world, including the North Sea, Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Subsea construction and subsea installation support operations and equipment

TSMarine provides a range of equipment and services in support of its subsea construction and subsea installation support operations, including:

  • Deepwater intervention and decommissioning equipment and operating systems
  • Rigless intervention and construction project engineering
  • Full field abandonment engineering and decommissioning
  • Provision of DP2 and DP3 vessels
  • Project management and logistic support
  • Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and specialized tooling
  • Survey and positioning
  • Offshore project personnel
  • Environmental management and monitoring
  • Seabed excavation

We project engineer and manage a variety of subsea construction and subsea installation support projects in our business lines that bring together many of the above services and often undertake multiple work scopes in a single mobilization, thus achieving strong economies of scale for the client.

TSMarine is a specialist marine and subsea operations services provider, whose primary focus is rigless subsea well intervention, decommissioning of subsea production facilities and subsea construction-support services.
A number of highly specified DP vessels are operated by TSMarine to perform subsea intervention, construction and decommissioning operations; both Asia-Pacific vessels hold well intervention class notation and carry a well-intervention NOPSA safety case.
TSMarine owns and operates four deepwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), permanently installed on their well intervention vessels.
TSMarine is the only company to deploy SSXT from a DP vessel in Asia-Pacific (as above), utilizing the 150t AHC crane on-board.
TSMarine hold a number of world records and regional firsts including the record water depth for rigless intervention of 397m.

Rigless intervention, decommissioning and installation

With a focus on rigless intervention but a capability to deliver “life of field” solutions, TSMarine continues to push the boundaries of well intervention, decommissioning and installation from mono-hull DP vessels as a cost-effective replacement of semi-submersible rigs and drill ships.

World firsts in rigless well intervention

  • World record in rigless intervention of 397mWD
  • TSMarine has the only NOPSA-approved safety case for well intervention in Australia
  • First rigless subsea wireline intervention in Australia
  • First electric line intervention from DP vessel outside North Sea

World firsts in rigless well decommissioning

  • World record for deepest rigless multi-string (four) casing cut
  • In 2006, TSMarine decommissioned more UK wells in one year than any other company in any previous year
  • First multi-client well decommissioning campaign (UK)
  • First multi-string casing abrasive cut in Australia

World firsts in rigless well installation

  • First company to deploy and install X-trees, rigless, on wire in Asia-Pacific
  • First campaign running trees on wire followed by wireline well intervention
  • First to utilise custom ROV fluid injection skid to lock and test trees installed from DP vessel
  • First company to ‘bunny-hop’ SSL between two wells without returning to surface

Well intervention and decommissioning equipment and support

TSMarine can provide a range of equipment to assist with access to subsea wells for intervention and decommissioning, including:

  • Intervention tower and heave compensated crane: designed to support rigless well intervention, well abandonment, tree deployment, other riserless well activities with future capabilities to include top hole drilling and surface conductor piling; this unique system can handle both wire and drill pipe to 1,500m working depth
  • Subsea wireline lubricator system: the TSMarine subsea lubricator (SSL) is designed to provide safe riserless access to a live subsea well by deployment from a monohull vessel utilising the heave-compensated intervention tower; pressure rated to 10,000psi working pressure with 7⅜in through-bore, the SSL is capable of deploying the same electric line or slick line services as have been conventionally deployed from a rig or platform, employs field-proven ROV control technology and on delivery will be rated to 1,500m water depth with a future upgradeability to 3,000m
  • Full field abandoment: TSMarine has the experience and expertise in-house and through our selected partners to successfully abandon and decommission subsea infrastructures, including single or multiple wellheads, FPSOs, mooring lines, subsea heat exchangers or even full field abandonment including category 1, 2 and 3 wells.

DP vessels

A number of highly specified full DP2 vessels are operated by TSMarine to perform subsea operations. These vessels are on long-term charters from European owners and operate on a global basis under the direct management of TSMarine on our various intervention decommissioning and subsea support projects.

TSMarine will soon own and operate two DP3 MT6040 vessels, Loch Torridon and Loch Sunart, with Loch Torridon due to be delivered to Asia in Q1 2010.

Work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)

TSMarine owns and operates a fleet of four remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that are deployed on our offshore intervention construction vessels. Each vessel has two high-specification deep water (3,000m) work class ROVs permanently installed to support the operations. TSMarine’s current work class ROV systems are:

  • Two Triton XLS 125hp systems
  • Two Quantum 150hp systems

Both systems are rated to 3,000m with 300m Tether management system (TMS) and have been successfully launched and recovered in up to 3.5m seas. Each ROV includes the Schilling 7 function manipulator as well as a variety of other project specific tooling; ranging from industry standard ROV-operated torque tools, cutters and hot-stabs through to custom-designed tooling or fluid injection skids to perform specialized tasks.