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Gaskets and Sealing Products for Industrial Applications

All Metal Gaskets (AMG) is an independent stockist of metallic and semi-metallic gaskets, and producer of non-metallic gaskets supplying to end-user and resupply markets throughout the world.

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All Metal Gaskets (AMG) is an independent stockist of metallic and semi-metallic gaskets, and producer of non-metallic gaskets supplying to end-user and resupply markets throughout the world.

AMG holds the most diverse range of metallic gaskets available, with huge stocks of finished ring type joint and spiral wound gaskets in a wide range of materials, such as carbon steel / soft iron, 316/316L, F5, 304, 321, 347, Inconel 625, Incoloy 825, Duplex 31803 and C276.

Ring type joints are available from R11 to R105 (oval and octagonal) with a comprehensive range of BX and RX sections. If stock is not available from the warehouse, then AMG will fulfil requests with speed and efficiency through its network of global manufacturing partners and associated companies, to ensure downtime on site is kept to a minimum.

AMG is a dynamic, fast-paced company that puts the customer first. Whether the requirement is for small quantity rush parts to service breakdown, or large MTO for new-build projects – AMG’s commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled.

AMG is a company focused on customer service.
Ring type joint gaskets – standard and exotic material readily available from stock.

Sealing products for extreme conditions

AMG specialises in the stocking of high-temperature, high-pressure sealing products for industrial applications. Ring type joints, spiral wound gaskets, flange insulation kits and soft gaskets are available from stock or on short turnaround.

Industrial gaskets are generally used in the oil and gas, exploration, petrochemical and utility industries where establishing a high-integrity seal is critical. Gaskets supplied from the company’s stocks have all been produced by approved manufacturers using the highest quality raw materials in strict accordance with industry standards.

Ring type joints (RTJ) for high-pressure applications

Ring type joints are precision-machined metallic gaskets generally used in high-pressure applications.

Ring joint gaskets are designed to concentrate the bolt load over a small area, thus producing high sealing stresses. As the ring type joint material should always be softer than the mating flanges, the high seating stress causes ‘plasticflow’ of the ring joint in the flange faces, creating the seal.

AMG supplies ring type joints that fully comply with API and B16.20, and are approved to API 6A level 4, the highest API quality rating.

Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets consist of a V-shaped metal strip spirally wound in combination with a soft filler material, normally graphite, PTFE or mica. The metal strip provides outstanding recovery whilst the flexible filler ensures excellent sealing. Depending on the application, the gasket can be specified with outer and/or inner rings.

Manufactured in strict accordance to ASME B16.20, spiral wound gaskets are suitable for use across a wide gasket stress range and are used to seal fluid pressure up to 400 bar from cryogenic to temperatures up to 1,000°C.

Soft gaskets

All Metal Gaskets utilises the most advanced CAD-operated in-house production techniques to produce soft gaskets in a wide range of materials.

AMG’s ATOM knife cutting system produces gaskets in a variety of soft materials such as rubber, compressed non-asbestos fibre (CNAF), graphite, PTFE and mica.

Standard sizes to B16.21, DIN or BS can be produced quickly from stock material and where bespoke sizes are required, gaskets can be produced without the need for expensive tooling.

Flange insulation kits

Flange insulation kits are typically used on offshore installations, seawater environments, chemical installations or oil refinery pipelines where galvanic corrosion protection and electrical insulation is required.

Flange insulation kits are designed for electrical flange insulation. They are used as an insulator between dissimilar metal flanges or to electrically isolate sections of pipework in cathodic protection systems, preventing the flow of electrostatic charge along the pipelines.

AMG supplies standard or high specification insulation kits quickly and competitively.

Complete sealing solutions

AMG is fully committed to ensuring all enquiries and orders receive the highest level of customer service.

As an ISO 9001:2008 approved company, AMG constantly reviews its processes and strive to be the most responsive supplier to our global customer base.

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