Independent stockist of metallic and semi-metallic gaskets and global producer of non-metallic gaskets All Metal Gaskets has released a free white paper on Offshore Technology.

The paper covers the company’s flange insulation kits and HP insulation gaskets. The former are used in flange applications where electrical isolation and glavanic corrosion resistance are required. The latter have a range of applications:

  • Insulation between dissimilar metal flanges to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Flange insulation in conjunction with cathodic protection
  • Well head isolation from inter-connected flow lines
  • Mating mismatched RTJ flanges to raised-face flanges
  • Eliminate fluid trap corrosion between RTJ flanges where high CO2, H2S and other aggressive media are present
  • Eliminate turbulence and flow-induced corrosion between RTJ flanges
  • Protect against coating impingement on coated flange faces
  • To seal between flanges subjected to vibration

To download the white paper, please click here.