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Fiber-Optic Cabling Solutions for Offshore, Marine and Subsea Environments

AFL Telecommunications (AFL) provides industry-leading solutions, products and services to many markets including the oil and gas industry in the form of fiber-optic cables.


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AFL provides industry-leading solutions, products and services in the form of fiber-optic cables to many markets, including the oil and gas industry.

Fiber-optic cabling solutions

AFL’s portfolio of products is unmatched. Beginning with optical ground wire (OPGW), introduced in 1984 as AFL’s flagship product, the line has expanded to include fiber-optic cabling solutions. These are used in the world’s harshest environments, including those above ground, below ground and even underwater.

AFL is a leading supplier of fiber-optic cables for use in downhole sensing, subsea umbilicals, standalone subsea cables and a variety of optical sensing applications. With a rich history of supplying customised cables, AFL offers the optimal solution with regards to capability and cost. We work closely with our customers to ensure the supplied product meets the needs of the application.

Downhole fiber-optic sensing for permanent installations and logging applications

AFL provides the broadest portfolio of cables for downhole fiber-optic sensing for a variety of permanent installations, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and in coiled tubing logging applications. Design configurations range from thick-walled small diameter metallic tubes, all-metallic constructions with embedded hydrogen barriers, optical / copper hybrids to more traditionally sized all-optical downhole cables.

AFL's StrataJac™ fiber-optic cables are an ideal solution for fracking operations.
AFL can provide customized cables for a range of offshore work environments.
The FLX380 FlexTester is well-suited for PON installation and maintenance tasks.
The Fujikura 70S fusion splicer streamlines the steps required for splicing for improved productivity.
The Minibend for downhole double-ended systems provides low-loss sub-millimeter bends for miniaturizing fiber components and circuits.
AFL uses stainless-steel tube technology in our products for subsea environments.
Our products are manufactured with the best materials and to the highest standards to withstand the corrosive effects of subsea environments.
AFL provides a wide range of design configurations for cables for downhole fiber-optic sensing, from specially sized metallic tubes to traditional downhole cables.
AFL has developed a proprietary method of splicing cables together with minimal increase in diameter to create long lengths for the fiber-optic cables used in umbilicals.

AFL manufactures cables for use in wells with temperatures ranging from ambient to 500°C and higher. We offer a range of metallic solutions based on the chemical environment of the well, ensuring longevity of our product in these applications.

Hydrogen-resistant and temperature-resistant optical fibers

All downhole cables feature Verrillon’s portfolio of hydrogen-resistant, temperature-resistant optical fibers. Verrillon is the world leader when it comes to carbon-coated fibers and glass chemistry to minimise the hydrogen darkening of fiber in wells. Our fiber offering covers a range of single-mode and multimode fibers with fiber coatings capable of -200°C for cryogenic applications to 300°C for the hottest of wells.

Stratajac downhole fiber-optic cables for fracking operations

AFL has developed a proprietary jacket compound, Stratajac, for downhole fiber-optic cables used in fracking operations. During fracking operations, the abrasive proppant can abrade and damage cables that are attached to the casing. Since fiber-optics is used to monitor the progress of the operation, this can be problematic. AFL’s Stratajac technology has shown promise in fracking field deployments. AFL can apply Stratajac to any cable used in wells where fracking damage is a concern.

Optical fiber cables for umbilical cables, towed arrays, subsea and marine applications

AFL provides optical fiber cables that are used in umbilical cables, towed arrays and for standalone telecom subsea and marine use. AFL utilizes a patented fiber-optic stainless steel tube technology to provide a hermetic barrier which is critical in subsea applications. Designs are provided with a variety of high-strength steel wire packages to achieve the desired tensile strength and mechanical performance for the application. Designs range from a light armor (LA) type design, to single armor (SA), double armor (DA) and more recently, a customized triple armor (TA).

At AFL, we understand the affects of corrosive subsea environments and select the best materials for metallic tube, wires and polymers ensuring longevity of our cables in this environment. Our offerings range up to an industry-leading 96 fibers in a central stainless steel tube and higher fiber counts with our stranded option. Our products have been tested to IEC 60794 and other test requirements demanded by our customers.

To achieve long lengths for the fiber-optic cables used in umbilicals and subsea, AFL has developed a proprietary method of splicing cables together with minimal increase in diameter. Using this technology AFL has provided lengths exceeding 60km and can go even longer depending on the specifics of the design and application. We routinely supply continuous lengths in the 20km to 40km range for this market segment.

About AFL

Quality fiber-optic cable products are only part of the story. With AFL, you are hiring a team of highly experienced engineers who carefully analyze each customer’s application, then customize products to best fit those needs. AFL’s resources are available for on-site training and installation oversight to ensure cable functionability for many years to come.

AFL is committed to providing world class service and fiber-optic products to the oil and gas industry. With regional sales and technical support in several locations throughout the world — from North America to Europe, the Middle East and Australia — AFL is able to serve a variety of customers.

Contact AFL and we will put you in touch with our commercial and technical team to review your needs and application.

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Products & services

  • Armored Stainless-Steel Tubes

    Based on AFL's patented hermetically sealed tube technology, the Armored Stainless-Steel Fiber Optic Cable protects fibers with improved crush and tensile-resistance while maintaining good flexibility.

  • Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer

    The Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer combines streamlined operation with a consistent and reliable splice and heat shrink performance of 7 and 14 seconds for an overall splicing process of just 21 seconds.

  • High-Temperature Downhole Cable

    As the leading supplier of downhole fiber optic cable used in the oil and gas industry, AFL provides the largest portfolio of downhole products on the market.

  • Low-Profile Downhole Cable

    As the leading supplier of downhole fiber optic cable used in the oil and gas industry, AFL provides the largest portfolio of downhole products on the market.

  • M710 Hand-Held OTDR

    The M710 OTDR provides a rugged and hand-held solution to single-mode and multimode fiber network testing, troubleshooting and reporting.

  • Stainless-Steel Fiber Optic Tubes

    Often referred to as FIST (Fiber in Steel Tube) or FIMT (Fiber in Metal Tube), AFL is the inventor and owner of placing optical fibers into stainless-steel tubes and offers a wide variety of tube sizes and fiber counts.

  • Traditional Downhole Cable

    As the leading supplier of downhole fiber optic cable used in the oil and gas industry, AFL provides the largest portfolio of downhole products on the market.

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