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Electro-Mechanical Industries

Offshore Cable Management Systems and Drag Chains

11230 Neeshaw Drive,
Houston 77065,
United States of America

11230 Neeshaw Drive,
Houston 77065,
United States of America

Electro-Mechanical Industries (EMI) designs and fabricates cable management systems for customer-specific applications. Our design team has been working alongside our clients since 1991, providing new solutions to the challenges facing a dynamic industry. Our stainless-steel drag chains are the best and most reliable in the industry.

Cable management systems and drag chains

Land-based skidding units can be supplied as turnkey packages integrating all cables and connectors, allowing for plug-and-play operations that vastly reduce set-up times. Additionally, these systems offer protection from damage and security against theft. Our cable systems are the preferred method to handle and protect cables in the most efficient and controlled manner.

Stainless-steel drag chains

EMI offers the best designed and field-tested drag chains, made of stainless steel and vibration-resistant hardware. Each drag chain provides organised cable separations, sized to fit your cable load, and are designed to fit into any space constraints – no special tools or lubrication are required for operation.

Stainless-steel drag chains provide greater reliability, capabilities and longer equipment life than non-metallic chains and festoon systems. Because the rugged stainless-steel construction requires no lubrication, our drag chains are virtually maintenance free. EMI drag chains are shipped pre-assembled, and ready for easy and immediate installation.

Our equipment is designed for maximum cable protection, which means less downtime to replace damaged cables. The range includes:

  • 200 Series self-supporting cantilever drag chains feature a self-supporting chain and a roller support stanchion for long distances
  • 300 Series top drive drag chains are shipped pre-assembled, lubricated and ready for immediate installation; designed to be virtually maintenance free
  • 400 Series hybrid drag chain has a low profile design, the ability to slide on top of itself, a glide pad for smooth operation, and is also able to transverse long distances
  • 450 EZ Load Series design has the ability to slide on top of itself and is developed for harsh, rugged environments with the ability to transverse long distances, with a glide pad designed for smooth operation
  • Side Winder 600 Series drag chain features a low profile design, the ability to slide on top of the wheels, with special glide wheels designed for smooth operation

Cable management systems

EMI cable management systems are tested, proven and trusted by our many clients in the oil and gas industry. We design each system for the fastest set up, breakdown and transportation possible. What took days now takes hours.

The system easily collapses down for ease of transportation within most dimension and weight requirements, for trucking, rail or ship. Cables are organised, protected from both damage and theft, with much longer life of the equipment and less downtime to replace cables.

Systems can be modified to fit your specifications, with the option of adding cable saddles after installation for additional cable load. Optional covers are also available for extreme environmental conditions, stainless-steel or three coat epoxy paint, per your specifications.

Our range includes:

  • CMS 1100 – Pioneer Class handles cabling traveling from the SCR house, mud pumps and other rig components to the drill floor
  • CMS 1200 – Tundra Class has a designated area for storage of winterized tarps, a sheet metal pan for heat loss prevention and cable trays to organize and support cable
  • CMS 1500 – Vanguard I Class consists of a skid-mounted rolling cage that houses a series of hinged, upright, articulated arms, containing cables running from the SCR to the drill floor
  • CMS 1500 – Vanguard II Class consists of a stationary skeletal cage and a series of hinged, upright, articulated arms, containing cables running from the SCR to the drill floor
  • CMS 1400 – Sentinel I Class is ideal for cold-weather applications; skids are weatherproofed with removable sheet metal covers spanning the entire length of the system
  • CMS 1400 – Sentinel II Class is configured of a series of covered suitcases and movable connector boxes which protect and contain all cables coming from the SCR house
  • CMS 1400 – Sentinel III Class is equipped with metal door covers on suitcases, providing a safe walking surface with easy access to any point of the cable run
  • CMS 1300 – Outreach I Class contains a 450 Series skidding drag chain in base cage mounted directly to transportable skid
  • CMS 1300 II – Outreach Class II consists of a skeletal rolling cage structure and a base skid
  • CMS 1700 – Rotating Class consists of a hinged walkway that houses connectorized cables
  • CMS 1600 – Atlas Class is a motor-driven system ideal for land rig applications requiring connectivity to remote power sources

Electro Mechanical Industries LLC

11230 Neeshaw Drive

Houston 77065



United States of America