ERCON Composites, an ISO 9001 company, is India’s leading manufacturer of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) cable trays, fibre glass reinforced plastic (FRP) cable trays, GRP cable ladders, FRP cross arms, fibre glass cross arms, GRP pultruded sections, FRP gratings, GRP gratings, FRP ladders, fibre glass ladders, GRP fencing, FRP hand rails, GRP hand rails, pipe supports, frangible masts, DTGM, frangible shelters, FRP door frames, and FRP pultruded profiles and sections.

GRP cable trays, FRP cable trays and GRP cable ladders

ERCON GRP cable trays, FRP cable trays and GRP cable ladders are available in 50mm-1,000mm widths. A complete range of tees, bends, couplers, and other accessories in GRP is available.

FRP cable trays, support brackets, hangars, and uni-strut channels

FRP cable trays, support brackets, hangars, and uni-strut channels are manufactured in various designs to suit site requirements, which reduces the top side weight, and are very fast and economical to erect.

Approved GRP cable trays

GRP cable trays meet NEMA, ASTM, BS, EIL and UL specifications, and are approved and recommended by various consultants, such as Kvaerner Process, Humphreys & Glasgow, Uhde India, EIL, Chemtex, Consulting Engg Services, PDIL, NTPC, TOYO and MECON. Our GRP cable trays are also approved under third-party inspection by LRIS, ABS, Bureau Veritas, EIL, DNV, Velosi and Kvaerner Power Gas.

GRP cable ladder with GRP strut bracket supports on a port jetty.
FRP hand rail on cooling tower in power plant.
FRP HT cable ladder in a refinery after seven years of installation.
GRP staircase with hand rail and gratings, at a pharmaceutical bulk-drug company.

FRP gratings, GRP gratings, FRP hand rails and GRP hand rails

ERCON FRP gratings, GRP gratings, FRP hand rails, GRP hand rails, GRP pipe supports, support structures, and cage ladders are safe and ideal for corrosive atmospheres, having had a long maintenance-free life in ETP, WTP plants, cooling towers and chemical plants.

Applications for pultruded GRP / FRP gratings

Applications for ERCON’s pultruded GRP / FRP gratings include walkways and platforms, trench covers, drain covers, battery racks, packing support grids for scrubbers, cooling towers, stair treads and cross overs.

GRP hand rails

ERCON’s GRP hand rail is designed for fast erection, which saves time and money to install. It is provided with an ergonomic design of top rail and a mechano kind of assembly system, making it highly user friendly. It meets the OSHA standard for loading.

GRP pipe supports of various heights can be supplied for quick installation in chemical plants, and are chemically resistant with long life in severe corrosive atmospheres.

GRP ladders and safety cages

GRP ladders, with or without safety cages, are used as manhole ladders. Ladders are made to any size and offer exceptional strength, whilst providing you with the benefit of a lightweight and corrosion resistant product. Walk-through tops are made to order. All cleats, brackets and fixings are in stainless steel or FRP.

FRP ladders for electrical maintenance

FRP safety ladders are available in extension and self-standing varieties. They are safe for electrical maintenance extension ladders, up to 40ft, and A-type step ladders, up to 15ft. Mobile platform trolleys are also available.

Fibre glass and FRP cross arms

Suitable for 11kV and 33kV overhead transmission lines, these FRP and fibre glass cross arms are ideal for coastal sites (being corrosion resistant) and in remote rural areas, where they save birdage faults. ERCON FRP and fibre glass cross arms are approved by the Nigerian Integrated Power Project (NIPP) and REC.

Fibre glass tool handles

Fibre glass tool handles for hand tools and garden tools are available in round and oval shapes for shovels, spades, forks, hammers and pick axes.

Frangible masts, DTGM and frangible shelters

ERCON manufactures frangible DTGM, runway markers, frangible shelters and masts for airports meeting international ICAO norms.

Eco-friendly fibre glass door frames and jambs

Ercon FRP door frames are designed with complete composite assembly fixtures for fast assembly and installation at any site. These door frames, being climate, moisture, acid and termite resistant, are ideal for all homes, bathrooms and tropical climates. They save wood, forests and installation costs and are maintenance-free.

ERCON is an approved vendor of TECHNIP, SNC-Lavalin, NTPC, EIL, ONGC, Petronas, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas and ZADCO.

Ercon’s major customers include NPCC-UAE, Honeywell, ABB, J Ray McDermott, Specialist Services, Samsung, Hyundai, Sime Darby, ONGC, HPCL, IOCL, BPCL, Cairn Energy, L&T and Reliance.