Geospace Offshore is a Houston-based custom cable manufacturer that designs, engineers and manufactures instrumentation cables, control cables and umbilicals for the offshore, oil and gas, marine, subsea survey and specialty cable markets. Our products are certified by ABS, API, CSA and DNV.

Geospace Offshore’s cables have been tested and used in a range of worldwide operations, from opening and closing valves on an offshore rig to providing visual data that has been collected from the ocean floor. We are committed to providing high-quality cables to meet our customers’ requirements and comply with industry standards, with competitive pricing and quick deliveries.

Reputation and being strategically located just 90 miles from the US Gulf of Mexico has allowed us to attract a client base within the world’s most active offshore regions.

Offshore cables for the oil and gas industry

Geospace Offshore’s product line includes offshore oil production cables, SSIV umbilicals, electrical and optical cables, BOP / MUX umbilicals and cables, armored umbilicals, lead-in cables, airgun umbilicals, ROV tethers and umbilicals, survey and sonar cables, marine cables and seismic cables, as well as custom-designed specialty cables to fit each application.

We provide flexible, safe and durable tethers and umbilicals for the ROV industry; choose from a standard configuration, or specify a design customized to your application.
High-quality subsea umbilicals comprised of both hydraulic and electrical components ensure excellent fatigue performance in dynamic systems.
We are a trusted provider of cables and umbilicals, meeting the diverse needs of customers operating in subsea environments around the world.

We use fiber-optic, electrical and/or hydraulic components with armor, braiding and special jacketing when required.

Offshore cable manufacture

With offshore oil and gas activity levels at a demanding high, Geospace Offshore has been very quick to react to the industry growth. The company’s new 200,000ft² manufacturing facility includes two armoring lines, four different cabling systems, and seven extrusion lines that can accommodate offshore cables of various diameters.

Experienced offshore engineering and sales team

Geospace Offshore is able to support a broad range of local and international clients with its team of experienced and committed professionals. Even in times of elevated demand, Geospace Offshore offers competitive, low lead-times and the highest quality cables.

Geospace’s sales and highly experienced engineering team consists of staff with many years of experience within the offshore industry. Geospace Offshore is committed to taking on new and challenging projects that have allowed them to flourish in its capabilities.

Seismic instruments and equipment

Geospace Offshore is an OYO Geospace Corporation Company. OYO Geospace believes in limitless possibilities. As a leader in the seismic instrument and equipment business since 1980, OYO Geospace has designed, manufactured and deployed seismic instrumentation, reservoir monitoring, cable / umbilical and thermal imaging solutions through its integrated component companies, Geospace Technologies, Geospace Engineering Resources International (GERI), Geospace Offshore and OYO Instruments.

About OYO Geospace

OYO Geospace is headquartered in Houston, Texas, US. Its international offices are located in Canada, China, Russia and the UK, with international manufacturing facilities in Canada and Russia. OYO Geospace trades on the NASDAQ National Market under the name "OYOG."