Parker, a specialist manufacturer of an extensive range of hoses, is now offering aramid-reinforced hoses for umbilicals (2022N).

For oil and gas hoses, aramid reinforcement allows challenges such as extreme pressures, great depths, aggressive fluids and safety to be met.

In applications ranging from offshore umbilical hoses and hydraulic hoses, aramid reinforcement offers many advantages:

  • The hose construction provides superior tensile strength, low weight and flexibility with excellent pressure capabilities
  • The natural smooth bore also reduces pressure drop and increases flow compared with steel pipes and other hoses
  • Low volumetric expansion, giving excellent response time
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +55°C; water and water-based fluids: +70°C (maximum)
  • An extensive range of aramid-reinforced hoses cover diameters between 1/4in up to 1/2in in long lengths above 1,000m
  • Working pressures from 345bar up to 690bar working pressure
  • Compatible with methanol and offshore fluids, excellent corrosion resistance

Aramid-reinforced hose applications

  • High-pressure offshore hydraulics systems and high-pressure pumps
  • Hose umbilicals
  • Control fluids
  • Methanol injection
  • Glycol
  • Acidizing
  • Well stimulation
  • BOP bundles