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High-pressure hoses

SPIR STAR Druckschläuche, headquartered in Rimbach-Mitlechtern, Germany, has become synonymous with thermoplastic ultra-high pressure hose solutions, ‘Made in Germany’. With working pressures of up to 46,000psi (3,200bar) and inner diameters ranging from 0.125in (3mm) up to 1in (25mm), SPIR STAR offers a broad variety of hoses to meet today’s requirements for the waterblast, hydraulic and most importantly the oil and gas industry.

Thanks to continuously improving product quality, as well as customer service, SPIR STAR has managed to spread its presence globally with corporate branches (located in the US, France, Singapore and China) and selected authorised distribution partners offering highly responsive customer service to SPIR STAR’s clients, thorough technical assistance and competitive lead-times.

Continuous R&D and improvement efforts have helped SPIR STAR gain a reputation of excellence, especially in the waterblast, hydraulic, oil and gas, and automotive industries. SPIR STAR is proud to offer ‘outstanding quality, outstanding service, made in Germany’ for more than 25 years.

Ultra high-pressure hose assemblies

SPIR STAR hoses are approved and chosen for projects from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico by leading oil servicing and producing companies for more than 20 years. Among the varying applications, SPIR STAR hoses are used for offshore bundles, methanol service on platforms, chemical injections at the well and hydraulic component control.

SPIR STAR hoses offer the following advantages:

  • High-resistance to chemicals, detergents and solvents
  • High-temperature compatibility up to 150°C (300°F)
  • Outer cover resistant to hydrolysis and microbes
  • Resistance to external pressures for deep-water applications
  • Small bend radius at maximum volumes of flow
  • Low-volumetric expansion at maximum working pressure
  • Low-permeation rate
  • Long lengths up to 15,000ft or 4,500m

SPIR STAR’s products have been approved for use by all major oil companies and set the standard in quality, service life and reliability.

Highest standards of quality and safety

SPIR STAR is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation committed to going the extra mile. All hoses meet and exceed industry specific standards, such as ISO13628-5: 2009. SPIR STAR faces an ever-growing global demand for continuously higher pressure requirements and increasing safety standards. The experienced staff will assist you with any requests you may have.

Environmentally friendly operations with photovoltaic

SPIR STAR is strongly committed to environmentally friendly operating procedures, generating its own electricity to power equipment and machinery.

The dedication to providing environmentally friendly operations and high-quality services, combined with a strong commitment to progress and growth, allows SPIR STAR to continue developing new products and delivering outstanding services built on sustained customer satisfaction.

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Press Release

SPIR STAR to Exhibit at International Trade Fairs in 2018 / 2019

Leading thermoplastic hose specialist SPIR STAR is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting its range of solutions at a number of international trade events throughout 2018 and 2019.

White Papers

SPIR STAR’s 6mmHydrogen: The Only Hydrogen Fueling Hose Certified by TÜV Hessen

The future will rely upon our abilities to find and use new alternative energies as the oil and gas of the world is getting depleted. Car manufacturers are actively developing new products that utilise alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.


Auf der Rut 7

64668 Rimbach-Mitlechtern


+49 6253 9889 0 +49 6253 9889 33 www.spirstar.de


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Press Release

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Leading thermoplastic hose specialist SPIR STAR is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting its range of solutions at a number of international trade events throughout 2018 and 2019.

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Regional Offices


Auf der Rut 7

64668 Rimbach-Mitlechtern


+49 6253 9889 0 +49 6253 9889 33 www.spirstar.de

Z.A. de l'Aérodrome

6 rue Clément Ader

67500 Haguenau



10002 Sam Houston Center Drive

77064 Houston


United States of America

SPIR STAR Asia Pte. Ltd.

No 5 Kian Teck Way

628733 Singapore


SPIR STAR Fluid Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

10# Building No. 1699 Duhui Road

Minhang District

201108 Shanghai


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