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Telecommunications, Test Equipment Solutions and Project Management

CoverTel Telecommunications Group specialises in providing telecommunications infrastructure, passive and active products for both networking and testing, as well as training solutions.

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CoverTel Telecommunications Group provides high-quality infrastructure and equipment for oil and gas operations telecommunications.

CoverTel Telecommunications Group comprises the following business units: Supply of telecommunications infrastructure solutions including hardened and rugged equipment, the supply of test equipment solutions for oil and gas applications, the provisioning of project and asset management software tools, the design of automated network test monitoring solutions, End-to-End services including design, supply, installation, commissioning and testing, and lastly, training of telecommunications technology and test equipment, utilising e-training tools if required.

Fibre monitoring systems for oil and gas industry telecommunications

CoverTel offers scalable test solutions for fibre network monitoring and management systems to simplify the detection of faults, degradation or security intrusions, and in real-time notify the system administrator when threats to fibre optic network integrity occur.

Fibre optic testing equipment can be used to monitor fatigue during oil and gas exploration.
CoverTel provides training for the use of telecommunication technology and test equipment.
Offshore customers can be equipped with security and surveillance solutions.

High-speed wireless communication during offshore ventures

In partnership with Viavi Solutions, CoverTel provides comprehensive and cost-effective mobile base station test solutions to improve long-term evolution (LTE) coverage and capacity that is driven by multimedia applications, as well as an ever-increasing number of devices connecting to the network.

Synchronisation of communication on oil and gas exploration projects

CoverTel provides reliable products for synchronising communication systems and process controls, which is important on offshore platforms, oil rigs, floating production storage offloading units (FPSO), in addition to floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) and onshore oil and gas refineries.

Wireless private automatic branch exchange (PABX) for offshore platforms

CoverTel can cover client communication needs, providing the ability to communicate on-site, and externally, PA speakers in numerous locations, and LOUD PA/Ringers for phones.

Solutions are customisable for every application and can be run entirely wirelessly, which will eliminate the cost of cables, increase site safety, and is easily integrated with cellular, landline, VSAT and Inmarsat services.

Networking equipment for oil and gas companies

CoverTel can supply innovative solutions for networks, storage, security and home automation. By integrating fibre, power and disparate protocols into networks, CoverTel equips customers with solutions for security and surveillance, data centre networking, business ethernet, fibre-to-the-desk and wireless backhaul.

Solutions include power over ethernet (PoE) to provide switches, media converters and other networking solutions. CoverTel network experts work with customers on a solution that fits their requirements and budget.

Wi-Fi  and DOCSIS 3.1 Training Courses

In partnership with Excentis, we are offering Wi-Fi and DOCSIS 3.1® training courses in March 2020.

Our two-day Wi-Fi training course will allow you to understand current Wi-Fi standards, their options, their performance and their limiting factors.  It will also cover how clients connect to Wi-Fi networks and how to troubleshoot connections, as well as implementation choices and possible issues when deploying a community Wi-Fi service.

Our two-day DOCSIS 3.1 training course will offer insight into the history of DOCSIS and the fundamentals of DOCSIS 3.1, including performance and capacity expectations. It will also give you exclusive insights from DOCSIS 3.1 upstream rollouts (OFDMA) and engineering and an operational view on its deployment. Additionally, you will be able to learn from theory, illustrated by real-life examples and experiences and connect with peers to share experiences.

For more information or to book a place on our courses, please fill in an enquiry.

About CoverTel

As an Australian owned company with more than 80 years of experience in the telecom industry, CoverTel are focused on covering the telecom needs of expert customer groups, including carriers, OEM’s, corporate, utilities, oil and gas, as well as government and defence organisations. Its key objective is to build mutually beneficial relationships with valued customers.

CoverTel shares its wealth of technical knowledge and deliver excellent customer service and support, striving to meet customer’s requirements and financial budgets by providing the right solution each time, the first time. This is made possible by offering a diverse group of products from well-respected and technically proficient global manufacturers.

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    CoverTel Telecommunications Group is an Australian owned company that specialises in providing high-quality solutions, reliable support and associated services primarily focused on the needs of specialised customer groups in the Telecommunications market.

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