IBS Software, the leading IT solutions provider to the global travel, transportation and logistics industry, has been awarded a contract by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for an IT solution to optimize passenger management services within its logistics operations.

IBS’ solution will replace the legacy systems currently in place at PDO, and streamline and centralize the passenger movements booking system within the organization, resulting in increased efficiencies.

The implementation of the ePMS system will automate and manage the movement of people transportation by air and land. The solution will enable PDO to gain access to a new generation technology that will provide best in class transportation management services. For the oil and gas industry, the ePMS solution has proven to be a key catalyst for optimizing people movements and reduced operational cost through process standardization.

“PDO logistics is in pursuit of transforming all its logistics processes, namely cargo management services (CMS), passenger management services (PMS) and materials management services (MMS),” says Warith Al Kharusi, logistics manager, Petroleum Development Oman. “It has also aligned its operations to enable end to end internal customer solutions. Following a successful implementation of the 4PL concept in the CMS business we are now focusing on PMS business improvements. As part of this strategy we have recently awarded the IT solution to IBS to enable this process to be optimized and create the utmost value and visibility in our passenger movements. This will also provide a seamless service to our customers. We are looking forward to a successful delivery of this solution in a timely manner and for the delivery of the expected business efficiencies and customer service improvements.”

“IBS is excited to work with Petroleum Development Oman in providing a solution that fits PDO’s aspirations. We are committed to delivering a solution that is line with oil and gas industry needs and transfer of best practice expertise in transportation IT solutions through our logistics solution suite,” said Peter Cefai, president and head of global business operations, the IBS Group.