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The New Tron ML-Series of Marking Lights

Jotron, designer and manufacturer of high-quality communication products and systems for land, sea and air applications, today announced the launch of its new innovative series of marking lights. The lights have completed an extensive research and development programme and have been designed with new technical features including high-intensity LED, programmable light intensity, flash rate and synchronisation between two or more lights/ units.

The Tron ML-series enables the marking of fishing equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains and moorings, fish farms, oil cables and offshore installations. It also has several military applications.

Jotron makes high-performance equipment for the most severe conditions. The new Tron ML-series is designed and tested to meet the demands of our clients, and it conforms to the latest relevant standards. The series has a module-based construction, making the lights user-friendly during any service and repair.

Jotron product manager Jan Erik Sæter: "We are pleased to introduce this innovative marking light series to the market. With new and enhanced features implemented, the Tron ML-series will be a vital tool in our clients’ daily operations."

Jotron Tron ML-Series

The Jotron Tron ML-series replaces the previous MF marking light series from Jotron:

  • The Tron ML-100 is mechanically identical to previous marking lights, MF-1111 LED, 1112 and 1111B, powered by three alkaline D-sized battery cells
  • The Tron ML-200, based on the Tron ML-series El-unit combined with the aluminum tube from the previous MF-1114 series, is the new long-life operation 4.5 VDC marking light
  • The Tron ML-300 will replace the previous MF-1117, 1118 and 1119, and has the same mechanical footprint

Meet Jotron at Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, UK, 3-6 September and at NEVA, St Petersburg, Russia, 24-27 September.

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