KBC has announced a strategic partnership with Phillip Townsend Associates Inc (PTAI) to help customers close their performance gaps to reach best-in-class.

PTAI is the leader in delivering peer-to-peer operational benchmarking for customers to understand their performance relative to their peers. KBC is the leading operations improvement company delivering performance gap closure solutions to customers involving combinations of simulation and optimisation software and/or expert services.

Through this partnership, PTAI and KBC will collaborate together to help clients achieve closure of their performance gaps in an effective and sustainable manner.

By incorporating KBC’s leading software and expert services, plant operations will be able to achieve their optimum potential at all times. The collaboration between PTAI and KBC will include upstream oil and gas production, midstream oil and gas processing, LNG, oil refining and petrochemicals.

KNC Chief Executive Andy Howell said: “This partnership with PTAI is particularly exciting. It brings together the best in benchmarking with the best in performance gap closure. With our world-class capabilities and alternative business models, we will deliver rapid and sustainable competitive advantage to our mutual customers.”

PTAI president and CEO Barjor M Dastur said: “Through this collaboration with KBC, we will extend to our customers the value-adding proposition of closing performance gaps while continuing to maintain our highest standards in benchmarking. PTAI has established a stellar reputation for executing trusted and superior industry benchmarks with our clients. With KBC we will take the next step forward by offering the ability to close performance gaps in a sustainable manner.”