KBC is a leading Digital Transformation company. Providing a unique blend of digital oilfield solutions and technologies with the asset digital twin, differentiated management and technical consulting, extended through real-time data and the process automation domain.

We create a better sustainability strategy, producing the limit over the life of the field, effectively managing operating and maintenance costs, as well as driving asset production and availability.

Asset Digital Twin

One model, many uses. A single integrated production model operationalized with real-time production data connecting wells, chokes, flowlines and a wide range of processing and power generation equipment with common thermodynamics and fluid characterization throughout for consistent results.

OpX Driven Organization

Digital oilfield solutions that embrace digital transformation as a way of creating sustainable autonomous operations for improved profitability, higher capital efficiency and reinforced license to operate.

Integrating and embedding digital technology across the organization for value sustainment. Identify problems earlier, respond faster and ensure production delivery is continuously optimized and sustainable.

Data Infrastructure and IT Services

Enable operational management beyond asset and corporate boundaries with implementation focused on achieving complete alignment with business objectives and processes. Scalable real-time data collecting, transforming and sharing with oilfield tools and IT services such as design, development, integration, implantation and cloud deployment.

Automation Systems

Offshore and oilfield services that embrace higher levels of automation, delivering assets with smaller frontline workforces, operating and optimizing facilities through advice based actions in open-loop or closed-loop control, with procedure automation that always conform to best practices and license to operate requirements.