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Wireless Mobile Network Communications System for the Offshore Industry

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With On-Waves, you can now stay connected on board by using your own mobile phone. On-Waves is a maritime GSM service provider with hundreds of roaming agreements and pre-paid services. The service helps shipping companies by offering a new, affordable and secured means of communication.

On-Waves maritime GSM service enhances living conditions on board vessels by allowing workers to receive and place calls and SMS text messaging in total privacy with friends and family.

Offshore GSM communications technology

On-Waves provides all necessary infrastructure and expertise to implement and maintain a state-of-the-art on-board communication system. This includes the network on the vessel and all international interconnections and roaming agreements for call terminations around the world.

Roaming GSM calls, SMS and connectivity on-board

On-Waves’ service provides seamless use of GSM phones for inbound and outbound calls, SMS text messaging and connectivity via GPRS, allowing e-mails in almost real time from any part of the world. Web browsing via smart phones is a valuable service for staff, visitors and crew members. Calls are placed and received as with onshore services.

A crew member using his GSM phone on an oil rig platform. <br /><br /><br /><br />
On-Waves prepaid calling cards - an affordable, personalised service for crew members.<br /><br /><br /><br />
On-Waves, through its unique technology dedicated to the offshore environment, provides GMS services to the Jascon 34 construction vessel and Jascon 28 DP-3 offshore accommodation / construction barge – Sea Trucks Group.<br /><br /><br /><br />
On-Waves uses exclusive technology to enable GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 1XRTT and EVDO mobile connectivity.

Staff and crew members may receive and place calls and SMS on their own cell phones to anywhere in the world, regardless of the location or itinerary of the ship, as long as the vessel is in international waters.

Crew can call from anywhere on board, including their cabins. There are no technical limitations.

Prepaid mobile services for the offshore industry

On-Waves’ system allows roaming for visitors but is also used for its pre-paid services.

  • A new and affordable communications service: On-Waves provides a new, convenient and affordable way to stay in touch while at sea
  • Prepaid mobile services offer inexpensive calls and SMS for both crew and their families
  • Tailor-made and personalised crew prepaid service: On-Waves can offer a choice of several phone numbers series available for the crew and staff on-board

Maritime communication services for a better life on-board

Our system offers the following main services:

  • Outgoing/ incoming calls
  • Outgoing SMS
  • Incoming SMS (this service is free of charge for the user)
  • Data via GPRS and/or EDGE mode for Blackberry and PDAs
  • MMS
  • CAMEL/ pre-paid GSM phone usage

Our administrative services for the maritime environment include:

  • Secured web link
  • Real-time monitoring of average and peak VSAT bandwidth
  • Real-time single vessel or fleetwide position
  • Daily status of on-board generated traffic for calls and data services

How the maritime communication system works

Calls are routed to the terrestrial gateway of your existing VSAT provider and from this point directly to our own core network for call processing.

On-Waves terrestrial links are connected to all major gateways, both for satellite connectivity purposes as well as for international GSM, GPRS, EDGE and CDMA call terminations. All links are redundant.

Mobile phones will display ‘On-Waves’ as the network service provider. On-Waves – Síminn specific maritime roaming agreements, under full compliance with BARG46 regulations and linked to our platform, offer worldwide coverage – on-waves, in air and on land.

Maritime communication system installation

On-Waves’ technical team works with your company based on GA plans and by conducting on-site inspection to determine ideal locations for antenna installation. We will then submit a comprehensive plan for your review and begin implementation following joint review and agreement on statement of work.

Full implementation takes less than five days, depending on each vessel or oil rig’s architecture, itineraries and rotations.


On-Waves’ service is fully maintained for your company, with global on-site assistance available when required. Core maintenance activities are conducted remotely, and our technical team is ready to travel and solve any unforeseen issues.

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