On-Waves Awarded Contract with Major Ferry Companies to Provide GSM Services on 12 New Ships - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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On-Waves Awarded Contract with Major Ferry Companies to Provide GSM Services on 12 New Ships

On-Waves announced today that it has been awarded contracts by three dominant ferry companies: Finnlines, Minoan Lines and European Sealines.

On-Waves services enable seamless voice, SMS, Wi-Fi and data connectivity to guests and crew while the vessel is at sea.

On-Waves has worked with Finnlines for a number of years but has been tasked with installations on six further vessels. The new Finnlines agreement covers the Finnclipper (435 passenger capacity), Finneagle (492 passengers), Finnfellow (520 passengers), Finnpartner (297 passengers), Finnsailor (129 passengers), and Finntrader (297 passengers).

Three of these ferries trade between Finland and Germany, and the other three are deployed on routes within the Baltic. Mr Simeonidis says: “Finnlines chose us because of our reliability. It has already tested our network and is happy with our services. The company knows that we are not an opportunistic firm; we are here to stay.”

The agreement with European Sealines covers the F/B Bridge with a passenger capacity of 900, which links Italy and Greece. The F/B Bridge is a well-equipped modern vessel that offers a wide range of onboard facilities. The ship is equipped with stabilizers to counteract rough weather conditions and offer utmost comfort.

The fleet wide contract with Minoan Lines covers five vessels, which operate between Italy and Greece: Europa Palace (2,034 pax), Ikarus Palace (1,632 pax), Olympia Palace (2,034 pax), Knossos Palace (2,310 pax) and Festos Palace (2,310 pax).

The three agreements may include additional vessels in the future.

“We are delighted to offer our industry-leading maritime GSM and Wi-Fi services to the guests and crew of three major ferry companies,” said Constantin Simeonidis, CEO of On-Waves. “To have earned the trust of worldwide companies such as Finnlines, Minoan Lines and European Sealines is a great endorsement of the reliability of our maritime GSM service.”