Neptune Energy DCS engineer Harm Wouthuis says:

“Since 2016, Neptune Energy uses SiiTech for AIS. In 2014-2015, it became clear that the old AIS system was in the obsolescence phase and performance and reliability issues were noticed more frequently. It was decided to look for an upgrade of the existing system or look for an alternative replacement.

“During the search for alternatives, our contacts with colleagues of Total E&P let us to SiiTech. The Total E&P system responsible was positive about the system, the costs and support. At that time, Total was using the system for two years and they recommended SiiTech to us.

“The fact that SiiTech has its base in Canada does not mean that support is difficult. Any questions or requests are answered promptly. The system is reliable and user-friendly. The delivered documentation is clear and the product is easy to operate and maintain.

“For the abovementioned reasons, we will continue working with SiiTech and can recommend them to other companies.”