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5 Tillingbourne Court, Dorking Business Park, Station Road, Dorking, RH4 1HJ, United Kingdom

5 Tillingbourne Court, Dorking Business Park, Station Road, Dorking, RH4 1HJ, United Kingdom

Telemar Scotland, based in Aberdeen and Grangemouth, is a business unit of Telemar (UK) and part of the global group of Telemar companies, which specialises in marine communications and navigation equipment and systems.

As a specialist, independent marine electronics company, Telemar Scotland is part of an extensive operating network of over 200 associated services, and more than 1,000 service stations strategically located along major shipping routes.

The company’s aim is to provide an exceptional international service tailored to meet local and regional needs. Scotland’s oil capital, Aberdeen, is one such location where support vessels servicing the North Sea oil and gas operations and offshore rigs depend on an array of satellite and radio communications, navigation and surveillance systems, safety and security electronics.

Sourcing and supplying, installing and commission as well as maintaining repairing such equipment is Telemar’s core business.

Sourcing and supplying marine electronics

The group’s collective purchasing power allows consistent cost savings for customers, and as an independent distributor for virtually all major manufacturers Telemar is able to source, acquire and integrate to meet your needs and objectives and provide a return on your investment. Independence guarantees objective advice and the right equipment for the job and permits imaginative fixes, which can combine the power of complementary technologies.

Telemar provides a wide range of communications equipment and systems, including satellite phones, Inmarsat or Iridium marine communications, VSAT, fleet broadband equipment and airtime, GMDSS MF/HF, VHF radio and handheld VHF and UHF equipment of almost all types and makes. The portfolio also includes extensive ranges of navigational and surveillance equipment, such as S-band and X-band radar systems, oil spill radar detection, small target detection, ECDIS, BNWAS, AIS and SSAS

Oil and gas rig safety and security

Safety and security are two important and essential needs for both oil and gas support vessels and rigs. Telemar meets these with particular experience based on its extensive shipping industry know-how, and on coastal surveillance systems and VTS (vessel traffic systems) built in the Far East, as well as equipment supplies to ships under threat of piracy.

Flexible hardware options

The company’s range of hardware and software offers plenty of options and flexibility. It includes remote monitoring and management systems, surveillance radar, night vision cameras, CCTV and citadel covert satellite communications. Mandated safety electronics, such as SARTs and EPIRBs are also on the list and augmented with innovative safety devices such as a personal SART (safety and rescue transmitter) called the iPIRB.

Installation and commissioning

Sourcing and supplying the right equipment at the right price is in itself an important skill. However, the expertise of skilled, highly trained engineers who can install and commission equipment is just as important, if not more, to ensure operational capability.

Telemar works closely with all major manufacturers and ensures its teams are fully versed in current compliance requirement protocols. They are experienced in managing logistics and fully understand the importance of delivering on time and on budget.

Blue Chip repair and maintenance services

Systems downtime is costly. On hardworking ships and rigs it seriously affects logistics, compromises operational capability and safety and can seriously hurt the bottom line.

For prevention, cure and peace of mind, Telemar’s Blue Chip repair and maintenance services provide price-competitive contracts. For bridge electronics faults and failures we are organised and able to respond quickly and effectively worldwide, softening the impact on your business by reducing risk and minimising costs.

Blue Chip support services are tailored to meet all needs, providing a range of annual fixed-price bridge electronics repair contracts or one-off repairs, shore-based maintenance contracts and marine radio and VDR surveys.

Airtime services

The Telemar Group is an independent Inmarsat Platinum service provider. That means we can provide a range of competitively priced airtime packages, including maritime satellite packages for FleetBroadband, VSAT and crew calling, as well as satellite connect, one of the best value ship-to-shore packages on the market.

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