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DOF Subsea’s Global IT Project

As a step in DOF Subsea’s improvement measures, the company has procured a global solution for document management that shall ensure high-quality, control and interaction in all aspects of our organization. With the implementation of this new solution from Software Innovation, we anticipate efficiency gains in millions over time.

Global competitive advantages

In order to be an attractive partner for its customers, DOF Subsea must deliver solutions of high-quality with the lowest possible risk. Control of documentation and its management is absolutely vital to this work. It is the Norwegian software company, Software Innovation, who is providing the new global solution, ProArc, which is operated through the global network of IT giant, Orange Business Services. DOF Subsea’s IT supplier and subsidiary, Marin-IT, has a key role in the procurement and implementation of the new solution.

"If we are to be competitive, document management that meets tomorrow’s demands is essential. It is a mark of quality that gives us competitive advantages in the battle for customers," says Stig Clementsen, vice-president HSEQ, at DOF Subsea AS.


The new document management solution is not just a customer requirement related to control and quality. DOF Subsea estimates annual savings of up toward NKr30m when the solution is fully operational.

"An important aspect of our global business strategy entails enabling our employees to interact and share their knowledge across various locations. The global solution will be an important tool for enhancing interaction and providing us with better insight and control. This will undoubtedly make us better. In essence, this is an organizational development on a high level," Clementsen emphasizes.

Top performance required

The corps of suppliers can attest to the fact that it is the first time such a global and comprehensive implementation has been executed so smoothly and with such high performance in locations all across the world.

"This is a complex unique delivery project, which few if any other suppliers could have managed to execute," believes Anders Johnsen, director for the oil and gas organisation at Software Innovation.

"The combination of Software Innovations’ expertise in technical document management, Orange’s global network and support apparatus and safeguarding of the application’s performance through Riverbed’s monitoring system, has allowed DOF Subsea to implement a solution that establishes a new standard for global document management and interaction in the oil industry."
"The network supplier, Orange, has operations in 220 countries and provides local support and follow-up of DOF Subsea in all regions and at all installations. This creates security and predictability in terms of the performance and use of the solution."

For more information, please contact Software Innovations.