Container World is a South-Africa-based company that has been providing specialised container conversions to the African onshore market since 1983. With growing demand from its long-term onshore customers, the company recently expanded its product range and is now able to offer a wide variety of offshore containers, baskets, skips, reefers and accommodation modules, all certified to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079.

Strategically located in Cape Town and with most units available ex stock, Container World is well placed to be able to service demand from both East and West Africa, with short lead times and at competitive prices. The company’s onshore division remains a leading supplier of converted containers to the African market, including accommodation, dining, kitchen, ablution and office units. With more than 25 years of experience servicing the African market, and with 10 strategically located branches, Container World is ideally positioned and experienced to handle any onshore or offshore container enquiry.

Offshore containers

Container World’s offshore containers are designed to international standards and are recognised by certifying authorities such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Lloyd’s Register (LR).

Container World Offshore specialises in the design of custom high-quality offshore products manufactured to customer specifications. It offers the following offshore products:

Container World Offshore DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 certified mini containers are ideal for the transportation of small goods on supply ships to and from oil rigs.
Offshore 10ft dry cargo containers are used for storing and transporting dry goods, equipment, tools and other items in extreme temperatures to -20°C and up to 80°C.
An offshore 20ft dry cargo container can be lifted via forklift pockets or top-corner eye pads.
Container World Offshore 20ft half-height baskets are useful for lifting and transporting tools and pipes to and from offshore platforms.
Refrigerated containers are designed for a 360V to 460V 50Hz / 400V to 500V 60Hz power supply and are suitable for long-distance transportation of deep-frozen, frozen, chilled or heated cargoes in temperatures between -35°C and 30°C.
Container World Offshore supplies workshops that can come fittes with benches / vices, hoists, air con, etc, constructed to meet individual requirements.
Boat-shape skips are suitable for the lifting and transportation of non-hazardous waste to and from offshore platforms.
Mud cutting skips are used for the safe handling of hydrocarbon-contaminated drill cuttings and the efficient containment of drilling waste for transportation to treatment or disposal sites.
Container World Offshore lifting frames are the best method of transporting special cargo to and from offshore platforms.
  • Offshore mini containers
  • Offshore dry goods storage containers (with or without shelves)
  • Offshore office cabins
  • Offshore accommodation cabins
  • Offshore half-height baskets (with or without doors)
  • Open-top cargo baskets
  • Waste skips (with or without lids)
  • Vacuum mud-cutting skips
  • Gas bottle racks
  • Cargo baskets
  • Offshore mini toolboxes
  • Offshore chillers / freezers and heated cargo containers
  • Lifting cages and frames, including wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles and hooks and spreader beams

Oil rig supply ship containers

Mini containers and dry goods storage containers are widely used in the oil and gas industry for transporting small items such as equipment, tools, food and waste on supply ships to and from oil rig platforms. Container World Offshore mini containers and storage containers are fully certified to the DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 Offshore Containers Certification Standard.

The Container World Offshore mini container is 9ft 6in high with a payload of 4t. It has steel shelving and optional cargo nets. The company’s dry goods storage containers are available in both 10ft and 20ft lengths, with payload capacities of 7.7t and 10t of goods respectively. Both containers are available with shelving.

Offshore accommodation containers

Container World Offshore manufactures specialised units specifically for offshore oil rigs. These include accommodation units, offices and workshops. All units are manufactured and designed to suit customers’ unique requirements and are DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified.

Equipment and tooling containers

Half-height and open-top offshore containers, cargo baskets and lifting frames are used for the safe transportation, lifting and storage of tools and pipes in the offshore environment. With DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certification, Container World Offshore’s extensive range is able to meet the unique demands of the company’s customers. The containers are designed for easy stacking and feature internal tie-down points, cargo net securing points and blocking mechanisms.

Offshore boat-shape waste skips are designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079. Units are supplied with certified slings and shackles as a standard. All units are stackable to accommodate limited deck or yard space.

Container World Offshore vacuum mud-cutting skips provide efficient and secure containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment or disposal sites. They are manufactured in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN and BS 12079:2006 certifications.

The company’s offshore gas bottle racks are manufactured to the highest international offshore safety standards, and are DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified. They are used for the safe transportation and storage of industrial and respiratory gas bottles in the offshore environment.

Food storage containers

Chiller / freezer and heated cargo reefers are designed for food storage and transportation for the offshore industry. Container World Offshore reefers have been manufactured to withstand harsh offshore environments, and are DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified. With a payload of 8,000kg or 10,000kg, the company’s reefers are ideal for the storage and transport of food and other items that require refrigeration or heating. Operating temperatures range from -35°C to 30°C in an ambient temperature of up to 50°C.