Container World Offshore provides 10ft and 20ft aluminum-constructed containers, suitable for perishable goods.

Refrigeration machinery: Picture frame type. The frame is constructed of aluminium and treated to resist corrosion by the salt spray atmosphere. The evaporator door is the hinged removable type for easy access. The rear bulkhead panels are constructed of aluminium with high inherent corrosion resistance. Between the evaporator and condenser section, the unit is insulated with fire resistant, (according to ISO3582), and CFC-free 32kg/m3 polyurethane foam.

10ft Reefer Containers

Offshore DNV reefers offer the perfect solution for the transportation of perishable goods. In addition, Container World Offshore 10ft reefers also offer transport efficiency by being able to connect together and move as one 20ft ISO container, thereby offering large mobilisation cost savings. Cooling range from -30°C degrees to +20°C

The containers have a length of 2,991mm, a width of 2,438mm and a height of 2,591mm

They have a tare weight of 3,250kg, a payload of 6,750kg and maximum gross weight of 10,000kg.

20ft Reefers

The 20ft Offshore Reefers are ideal to use for the transportation of food or other perishable cargo to oil rig platforms and ships. Cooling range from -30°C degrees to +20°C