Singapore or Rotterdam, Dubai or Las Palmas – you name it. EMS Ship Supply offers the widest network for the supply of provisions, bonded stores and technical items. With the help of PRS technology, we are now able to offer our customers an even more efficient, reliable and sustainable cold supply chain. Learn more about how to ensure supply in the most demanding conditions.

Worldwide general ship supplier

We are well aware about the need of our customers to maximise the efficiency of their purchasing effort. And the more suppliers you have to deal with, the less efficient you get. As general ship suppliers, we offer food products (provision), bonded stores and technical items (cabin, deck and engine). Thanks to frame agreements, our customers have peace of mind, knowing their supply is in good hands.

Passive refrigeration systems

Imagine the possibility of sending a box of ice-cream 300 nautical miles away in high seas, without having to worry about plugging the fridge, about its motor or about it standing in the sun for long hours. Imagine you can do this even with the most delicate products such as strawberries, herbs or prepared salads.

This is PRS technology: passive refrigeration system. PRS is a revolutionary technology that enables us to offer 100% reliability in all deliveries of fresh and frozen consumables. It is totally autonomous from external power sources, therefore enabling our customers to get up to 80% reduction in energy consumption versus conventional reefers.

The processes of EMS Ship Supply's offices around the world are ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certified by Bureau Veritas, specifically for activities in connection with offshore supply. Additionally, the main hubs of the company are ISO 22000 (Food Safety) certified.
The passive refrigeration system is the evolution of cold supply. This technology will surely revolutionise the maintenance of the cold chain, as it creates a number of important advantages.
EMS Ship Supply has seven hubs around the world covering key areas; Tarragona, Spain, is a hub for southern Europe.
Las Palmas is a key location for serving our offshore customers. From this office, several partners in west Africa and the Mediterranean are managed.
Our Rotterdam hub centralises our activity in northern Europe, the North Sea and the Baltic.

Low-cost PRS transportation

Besides, autonomy means avoiding risks caused by not plugging the reefer containers, and autonomy means that your container is treated as any dry container, therefore generating big savings in transport. But the biggest advantage is the fact that the temperature and humidity levels suffer very little variation. This means a better conservation quality of the contents, up to six days in transit under any weather conditions. Since we transport dry containers, transport costs are much lower, too.

EMS Ship Supply network

EMS Ship Supply has a very extensive network of own branches and dedicated partners, covering northern and southern Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Arabic Gulf, and western and southern Africa. As a company serving customers all around the globe, we can reach almost every corner of the world.