EMS Ship Supply Release Free White Paper

EMS Ship Supply creates value for its customers within the offshore sector through its unique experience and capabilities, having also developed a worldwide network of services to the oil and gas industry.

EMS Ship Supply is present in some of the hottest offshore spots in the world: North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, South America, Asia, Africa, etc. We are constantly increasing our reach through our network of branches and franchisees that operate based on our standards and fully-equipped with our special equipment, offshore containers, lashing, mini reefers and thermotainers.

With our reliable know-how and logistics capacity we can provide solutions for our customers on oil rigs, PSV, AHT, seismic units, pipe layers, jack-ups and other ships. Our professional staff can offer support in dry docks, yards or repair quays during overhaul periods in permanent presence to cope with daily required supplies of consumables, tools and general stores.

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