Offshore reefer container

Klinge Corporation has received an order from container lease and sale company Sogese for 30 ultra-safe offshore refrigerated containers. The Klinge containers are scheduled for delivery in August and will be used on resupply vessels in the Mediterranean which help to sustain offshore oil platforms and floating production vessels.

An Italian company, Sogese offers dry ISO containers, reefer containers, multi-purpose refabs, and portable cold rooms for sale or lease. It has offices in Rome, Bologna, and Milan in Italy.

Klinge Corporation Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Containers provide the utmost safety

The offshore oil and gas industry is classed as a major hazards industry, as workers deal with highly combustible materials and the location is isolated and not easy to access should there be a safety incident.

Klinge Corporaton’s offshore refrigerated containers comply with the European Union’s ATEX Directive, which contains stringent safety guidelines for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres like those encountered in the oil & gas industry.

Klinge Corporation vice president Allan Klinge said: "Our containers are unique in that the reefers are explosion-proof and the containers are classified to DNV 2.7-1. Klinge Corporation is proud to be supplying a reliable product that enhances the safety of workers in the offshore industry."

The Offshore Refrigerated Container is rated for Zone 2 hazardous locations in accordance with EN60079-10 (Zone 1 model also available). Every component in the evaporator section is explosion proof and all external parts are explosion-proof. The refrigeration system is just 14in deep, which allows for maximum cargo space.