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Offshore Refrigeration Units and DNV Containers

Klinge Corporation is a global manufacturer of offshore refrigeration units and DNV containers that meet all necessary industry standards.

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Klinge Corporation is a global manufacturer of offshore refrigeration units and DNV containers that meet all necessary industry standards.

ATEX-rated offshore refrigerated containers

Klinge Corporation manufactures Offshore Refrigerated Containers that meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive, which contains stringent safety guidelines for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (such as oil rigs, FPSOs, Supply vessels, oil fields and chemical factories).

Klinge Corporation’s ATEX Offshore Refrigeration units are rated for Hazardous Zone 2 areas in accordance with EN 60079-10 standards. Zone 1 units may also be available, and both can be installed on 10’ or 20’ reefer containers. 

The Zone 1 Offshore Refrigerated Container provides the safety of goods in hazardous areas.
Zone 2 Offshore Refrigerated Container ensures safety of workers on oil rigs and tankers, and the environment.
DNV Containers are certified to DNV 2.7-1 & EN12079 standards.
Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container are ATEX Directive-certified. They are built to withstand the adverse conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry.
The Dual Refrigerated Container is fitted with a diesel generator, which ensures that goods remain at their required temperature even in the event of a power failure.

Explosion-proof containers to ensure personnel safety

Klinge’s Offshore Containers are explosion-proof, including all the external parts. In addition, every component in the evaporator section is also explosion-proof, which is of particular importance due to this section being in direct contact with the cargo area.

These units are shipped to various sea offshore operators and suppliers and deployed on rigs, support vessels, and Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSOs), where the required safety level is heightened over most locations in the world.

The Offshore Refrigerated Containers are used for storage of items such as foodstuff, medicine, temperature-controlled liquids, and membranes onboard the offshore installations where gas-safe hazardous zones are difficult to guarantee.

Offshore containers certified to DNV 2.7-1 & EN 12079 standards

Klinge Corporation’s Offshore Reefers are available with special containers certified to DNV 2.7-1 & EN 12079 standards. DNV 2.7-1 Containers are used primarily in the oil and gas industry because of their ability to withstand the harsh environment and handling of the offshore industry.

They are subject to many more regulations and must undergo a strict certification process to ensure the safety of personnel working on the oil rigs and tankers, as well as the environment.

Dual refrigeration systems for dangerous goods, chemical and pharmaceutical transport

Klinge Corporation’s Dual Refrigeration Systems have two full-capacity reefer units with performance monitoring. The refrigeration unit automatically switches to its backup in an emergency to provide total peace of mind for hazardous cargo.

Dual Refrigerated Containers are available with an integral generator set for backup power.

Klinge Group’s line of Dual Refrigerated Containers complies with all international regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Container tracking and monitoring

Klinge Corporation’s Offshore Containers are available with a satellite system that is a two-way data communications service using compact equipment with integrated GPS for data transfer, remote monitoring, tracking and tracing.

The Offshore Container GSM/satellite communication system transfers ambient temperature, cargo temperature, running condition, and alarm status in near real-time. The data is accessible on a website specifically designed for Klinge Corporation’s satellite communication system.

Transport refrigeration solutions

Klinge Corporation offers customized designs that are robust alternatives to standard, mass-produced refrigerated containers, which often cannot meet the requirements of harsh environments or stringent testing. Klinge Corporation designs and manufactures products that include:

  • Ultra-Low Temperature (-70°C) Freezer Containers: for pharmaceuticals, ice cores, tuna, etc
  • Offshore Refrigerated Containers: for hazardous zones such as oil rigs, oil tankers, FPSOs, and chemical plants
  • Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Containers: for petrochemical, self-reactive and similar products
  • Dual Refrigeration System Refrigerated Containers: with 100% emergency backup capabilities for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dangerous goods
  • Tank Refrigeration and Heating Units: for ISO Containers, road trailers and stationary applications
  • Military Refrigeration Applications: built to military standards
  • Integrated Generator Sets: ruggedly built for your military application

About Klinge Corporation

Klinge Corporation is a leading manufacturer of specialized transport refrigeration, freezing, and power generation units. Klinge Corporation was founded in 1984 as a spin-off of the Transport Refrigeration Equipment department of York International. Klinge Corporation has maintained and built on the high standards set by York International while constantly expanding our range of products.

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