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Swire Oilfield Services

Offshore Cargo-Carrying Units, Modular Systems and Transportation Tanks

Swire Oilfield Services Ltd.,
Swire House, Souter Head Road,
AB12 3LF United Kingdom

Swire Oilfield Services Ltd.,
Swire House, Souter Head Road,
AB12 3LF United Kingdom

Swire Oilfield Services, part of the global conglomerate, the Swire group, is the world’s largest supplier of specialised offshore cargo carrying units to the global energy industry and is a leading supplier of modular systems, offshore aviation services and fluid management.

Established in 1979, Swire Oilfield Services provides the largest hire fleet worldwide. Its in-house engineering capability allows the company to design and manufacture custom equipment to the customer’s specifications. The company supplies tailored modular workspace systems and services to the marine and energy industries.

Operating in more than 25 countries, with more than 50 bases around the globe, Swire Oilfield Services has a presence in all major oil and gas regions with large operations in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Offshore cargo carrying units

Swire Oilfield Services has a fleet of more than 60,000 cargo carrying units. This fleet is constantly expanding and evolving to meet the demands of customers and offers a wide range of sizes and configurations.

The company provides standard or customised units for sale and on a long or short-term hire basis, including:

  • Mini containers
  • Mud skips
  • Cargo baskets
  • Closed containers
  • Open top containers
  • IBC carriers
  • Bottle racks

Offshore modular systems

Swire Oilfield Services’ Modular Systems is a global service providing unrivalled offshore workspace solutions. We offer optimised units for rent or purchase.

Having more than 20 years’ experience in modular systems, the company offers the very best in standard and customised designs to provide clients with expertly tailored solutions. This approach reduces the need for on-site adjustment, which in turn delivers a dramatic increase in operator safety.

Swire works closely with clients to understand their needs and design solutions that are tailored to their exact specification. One of the major benefits of this approach is the reduction in the need for on-site adjustment, and resultant increase in operator safety.

All modules are built to DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-2 and are rated to the latest FTC codes. The helifuel systems packages comply with CAP437. All materials used during construction conform to NFPA, USCG and SOLAS. Consequently, Swire modules are approved by ABS / DNV / Lloyds and meet NORSOK standards.

Swire modular systems are designed to optimise work-space and can be employed for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • Laboratories and workshops
  • Drilling and control modules
  • Helifuel system packages
  • Wireline, transporter and water cleaning modules
  • Paint storage/paint mixing modules
  • ROV
  • Offices
  • Refrigeration and freezer modules

All modules are customisable to meet the specific needs of the client. Customisation can be structural, architectural or electrical and can include:

  • Computer racks
  • Worktops
  • Workbenches
  • Drawer units
  • Storage cupboards
  • HVAC systems

Swire incorporates safety monitoring systems, including fire and gas, pressurisation and emergency shutdown systems, when required.

Offshore aviation services

Swire Oilfield Services enables certified helicopter manoeuvres specifically within the offshore industry. The company keeps these offshore lifeline services running smoothly.

Swire is a specialist in the offshore aviation sector by the following influential agencies:

  • CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)
  • MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency)
  • HCA (Helideck Certifying Authority)

Swire provides offshore helicopter refuelling and is involved in many aspects of the fuel supply chain:

  • Design and manufacture of fuel pumping and dispensing equipment
  • Commissioning, certification, maintenance and repair of fuel dispensing systems

Swire Oilfield Services supports onshore and offshore operations with the following services:

  • Training in every aspect of onshore and offshore helicopter refuelling
  • Certification, maintenance and repair of customer-owned fuel transit tanks
  • Repair and refurbishment of fuel systems, couplings and nozzles
  • Full stockholding of relevant spares and consumables
  • Complete management of your own equipment
  • Customised built fuel dispensing units to fit rigs
  • Design and manufacture of new fuel dispensing systems to meet CAP437 under CAA approval

Chemical handling

Swire Oilfield Services provides specialist solutions for the storage, transportation and delivery of high-value chemicals and essential oilfield fluids. Offering only the highest quality tanks and equipment, the company provide secure, robust and reliable methods of eliminating the risk of chemical spillage or ignition of flammable vapours.

Swire carefully blends bulk-shipped chemicals to exact concentrations and transfer the resulting solutions into offshore transportation containers ready for shipping. The company’s range of tanks, within high-integrity concrete bunding provide for an almost unlimited range of chemical stocks, saving clients time, money and concern.

Other chemical handling facilities include:

  • 60m³ and 35m³ bulk tanks
  • IBC storage (internal and external)
  • Blending vessels (batch sizes up to 10t)
  • Quality control analysis laboratory
  • Licensed waste transfer station
  • Effluent management system
  • Computerised stock control and dispatch system

Track and trace solutions

Swire offers both GPS and RFID-based solutions that allow customers to monitor the location and compliance status of both rented and customer owned assets. The company’s innovative OverVu® solution operates in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.

Swire’s innovative approach to combining technologies enables customers to improve operational efficiencies throughout the supply chain, helping to minimise costs, and improve visibility of high value and business critical assets. Whether this is through the efficient management of CCU inventories, or the rapid geospatial pinpointing of task critical downhole tools, our innovative solutions help solve many of the challenges of often complex and extended oil and gas supply chain.

With more than 6,000 rental assets monitored by either GPS or RFID, and in excess of one million individually serialised assets under management, Swire Oilfield Services has the proven track record of helping clients to improve asset visibility and operational efficiency.

Testing and inspection services

Swire Oilfield Services is committed to ensuring the safety of offshore personnel and equipment through the provision of the highest standard of equipment and services.

As part of this commitment, the company offers comprehensive testing and inspection services, both on and offshore, so that clients are assured that operations meet international compliance regulations.

Services include:

  • Certification management
  • SI2307 LOLER thorough examination surveys
  • NATA accreditation
  • ROV
  • Lifeboat davit and dive system inspections
  • Drop object surveys
  • Technical support services: lift planning, compliance audits, ICP support

With a fully integrated offshore offering, Swire meets all our customers’ cargo carrying needs, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Sling manufacture and maintenance

Swire has extended its portfolio to specialise in the manufacture and maintenance of unit lifting equipment. The company’s comprehensive lifting services include:

  • Supply of wire rope products
  • Maintenance and supply of lifting equipment and lifting accessories
  • On-site manufacturing facility

All our wire rope slings are manufactured to comply with BS EN 13414-3-2003 +A1 2008, and can be designed to meet the strength requirements of DNV2.7-1, DNV2.7-3 & BSEN12079-2 under DNV Type Approval No S-7810.

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