VG Offshore Containers International the leading worldwide provider of offshore containers, service modules and engineering solution for oil and gas industry, secured a substantial contract with Murphy Oil Malaysia, the global oil exploration and production company, to supply offshore service module for Kikeh DTU EOR Development Project.

The contract comprises the design, manufacturing and delivery of a complete module in compliance with DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-2, SOLAS and IECEx System that enables the module to operate in hazardous area Zone 2, Gas Group IIB.

The unit is fully equipped with top notch integrated safety system design and configurations, which comprise fire and gas detection safety system, emergency shutdown system, over pressure system, A60 passive fire protection and also a packaged type HVAC unit.

Despite plummeting oil prices and the down turn in the oil and gas sector, this order by an internationally renowned oil company is quite a huge achievement by VG Offshore Containers International, a 20-year-old offshore containers manufacturer known for their innovative and high-quality products. Through the years, the company has built a formidable reputation in the oil and gas industry, with clients spanning the globe.

"Securing this contract with Murphy Oil Malaysia is further testimony to our reputation as a manufacturer of specialised offshore service modules, which is pressurised to enable operations in hazardous, potentially explosive environments," says Venukanna Ganapathy, VG Offshore Containers International’s director of engineering.

"Our team of engineers, who is well-versed with the requirement for DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-2 and IECEx has worked tirelessly over several months to develop a solid engineering solution, to meet Murphy Oil Malaysia’s stringent and exacting standards" he adds.

"Being the largest manufacturer in DNV 2.7-1 & DNV 2.7-2 in Malaysia, our experience and expertise in the field together with our keen understanding of our client’s requirements enables us to adapt and customise our products to suit and fit into the everyday operational needs of our clients," states Arvin Menon, managing director of VG Offshore Containers International.

"That’s why even after more than two decades, we are still the preferred and solution provider to our customers," he reiterates.