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High-Quality, Custom-Made Containerised Solutions

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VG Offshore Containers International (VG) manufactures innovative, high-quality and cost-effective containers for the oil and gas, mining, military, healthcare and tourism industries.

The company specializes in offshore mini containers, offshore storage containers, accommodation cabins, fire-rated and zone-rated cabins, control vans, containerized air dive systems, A-frame and Winch systems.

From custom-built concept designs to manufacture and final assembly, VG’s products adhere to stringent quality and manufacturing standards that comply with DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079, DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-3 international quality certifications and other quality benchmarks.

VG’s state-of-the-art facility in Pulau Indah, Port Klang, Malaysia, is fully fitted with the latest equipment to achieve the highest manufacturing standards and procedures.

VG provides modular accommodation to the offshore industry.
VG’s modular system and zone rated cabins are highly customised. All Zone 1 and Zone 2 cabins are certified to DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Container Standard and DNV 2.7-2 Offshore Service Container Standard.
VG’s offshore storage containers are designed and manufactured to meet the industry’s standards and are available with a range of shelving options, including aluminium, marine plywood or chequered plate.
Lifting frames with capacity up to 35t. Lifting frames are certified to either DNV 2.7-1 or DNV 2.7-3 Standards.
Zone 1 and Zone 2 rated cabins include laboratory, mud logging cabins, control vans, office and workshop cabins.
VG Offshore Containers International serves markets stretching from Asia Pacific to Europe. VG supplies its high-quality and innovative range of offshore containers to domestic and international markets.
VG has a diversified product range. The A-Frame System is a highly customised unit for the operation of remote operating vehicles (ROV).
Hydraulic and electrical winch systems are available and custom made to specifications.
VG builds specialised offshore units. VG’s offshore storage containers can store up to 15t of equipment, tools and other items, and are available in a range of sizes.
VG’s offshore mini containers, widely used in the offshore industry to transport small items, have the capacity to transport up to 8t of goods.

High-quality offshore containers

VG’s offshore containers used globally are designed and built to international standards and are recognised by renowned certifying authorities such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyd’s Register (LR) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

The company’s substantial experience in the oil and gas sector has helped us to distinctly recognize and understand the specific needs of its customers. VG specialises in designing and custom-manufacturing high-quality offshore products according to customers’ specifications.

VG’s wide range of offshore and onshore service modules are used as workshops, intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS) cabins, laboratories, offices, control modules, and E-houses.

The company’s enclosures are also used for hazardous area equipment including diesel engine air compressors and generators.

Offshore mini containers and storage containers

VG is a specialized manufacturer of a complete range of mini containers and storage containers.

These are widely used in the oil and gas industry for transporting small items such as supply ships between oil rigs. The mini containers and storage containers are fully certified to the DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 Offshore Containers Certification Standard.

Capable of transporting up to 8t of goods, VG’s mini containers are available in a range of dimensions, including lengths from 6ft to 10ft, widths between 6ft and 8ft, and heights between 8ft and 10ft.

Available with shelving, VG’s storage containers are available in various sizes, including lengths from 10ft to 20ft, and heights between 8ft and 9ft. These can transport between 6t and 15t of goods, and have aluminium and chequered plate options.

Customised offshore / onshore containers and modular systems

VG’s specialised units include onshore and offshore accommodation cabins, offices, lab cabins and workshop containers with options for modular configuration, air dive containers, machinery vans and control vans.

These units are custom-built to customer’s specifications to suit adverse offshore conditions. VG has vast experience and expertise to build these specialised units, which are compliant to ABS rules, DNV 2.7-1 / BS EN 12079, DNV 2.7-2, Zone I and Zone II Hazardous Area classifications.

Hazardous area equipment for Zone I and Zone operations

VG is the first company in South East Asia to successfully achieve and obtain the DNV 2.7-2, May 2013 certification for Zone rated modular and diesel engine driven air compressor.

Its new range of hazardous area equipment products includes chemical injection skids, as well as diesel engine-driven air compressors, nitrogen pumps, generators and hydraulic power units (HPUs).

Offshore half-height open top baskets, cargo boxes and tubular transportation frames

VG designs and fabricates customised offshore half height open top baskets, cargo boxes and tubular transportation frames to securely lift, transport and store tools and pipes used in offshore rigs.

The company’s cargo carrying units also include waste skips, refrigerated and dry food containers, as well as lifting frames.

Certified to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079, VGs half-height containers, baskets and frames range from 5ft to 60ft lengths to cater to the various demands in sizes by customers. They are designed and built for easy stacking and complete with key features such as blocking mechanism, internal tie-down points and net securing points.

Gas bottle racks

VG’s gas bottle racks allow secure and safe transportation and carriage of oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders or other similar gas bottles / cylinders for offshore use.

The company designs and manufactures racks to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards, and are fabricated with doors, ramp and a locking device for secure transportation.

Medical camps, emergency shelters and mobile clinics

VG’s flexible platform can be configured as a primary care unit, critical care unit, surgical suite, trauma/emergency unit, dental suite, or any other required medical spaces.

These relocatable clinics aim to serve patients in remote environments, or areas where a more traditional hospital is impractical.

Miscellaneous and custom-built enclosures

As different environments demand different specifications, VG recognises customer needs and creating products that meet the specific perimeters required by them.

The company designs and builds control shelters and analyser shelters for gas plant operations. They are fitted with fire and gas safety installations, complete with fixed automatic extinguishing systems and control systems and instruments related to leading analysing technology for gas plant operations.

VG also offers diesel engine generator acoustic enclosures, complete with attenuators and sound proofing to meet noise level requirement of less than 85dB.

VG’s expert engineering team has also designed and built mud logging cabins that are certified to DNV 2.7-1, June 2013 and DNV 2.7-2, May 2013 by DNV GL, which sets the standards for the highest quality in engineering products for the oil and gas sector.

Other custom-built products include a complete range of accessories and related products such as lifting and handling gears, chain slings, shackles, inclusive wire rope slings, hooks and spreader beams.

The company also supplies hydraulic-driven winch with power packs, A-Frames and launch-and-recovery systems (LARS), batch mixer frames, DNV 2.7-3 frames, and explosive storage boxes and jettison skids.

Inspection, testing and maintenance services for containers

VG offers equipment rental, refurbishment and repair services, as well as an array of inspection and testing services.

The company performs load tests, non-destructive testing (NDT) and visual inspections, as well as classification studies, installation and maintenance services for hazardous areas.

VG supplies pre-commissioning and commissioning services, asset tracking and management, as well as supply personnel for both onshore and offshore environments.

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Lot No.66, Section 8, Phase 1B
Jalan Perigi Nenas 8/10
42920 Pelabuhan Klang
Taman Perindustrian Pulau Indah
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