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Turnkey Compressor Anti-Surge and Gas / Steam Turbine Control Systems

Continuous Control Solutions (CCS) is an automation, process control and real-time optimization company offering turnkey automation solutions, inclusive of our patented Surge Prevention Control (or compressor anti-surge control), Process / Performance Control, Station Control, Steam Turbine Control, Gas Turbine Control and Power Utility Control.

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Continuous Control Solutions (CCS) is an automation, process control and real-time optimization company offering turnkey automation solutions, inclusive of our patented Surge Prevention Control (or compressor anti-surge control), Process / Performance Control, Station Control, Steam Turbine Control, Gas Turbine Control and Power Utility Control.

CCS provides turbo machinery control solutions, inclusive of turnkey compressor anti-surge and gas / steam turbine control systems, to the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy and power generation industries worldwide. In addition, our services department can provide control systems servicing for all platforms inclusive of start-up and commissioning, and ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Our systems are flexible, transparent and robust, focusing on the customer’s entire process, in addition to protecting machines, providing a true continuous control engineering solution tailored individually to each project according to the customer’s needs.

Flexible turbo machinery control systems

We offer customers unparalleled flexibility to choose their own IEC6113-compliant PLC to run our proprietary turbo machinery control applications. Unlike a typical ‘black-box’ compressor anti-surge solution or OEM-provided gas / steam turbine control system, CCS control applications can integrate seamlessly with an existing DCS.

CCS surge prevention control provides a continuous display of proprietary compressor maps on the operator interface station.
CCS HMI screenshot of an operating gas turbine.
CCS HMI screenshot of surge prevention control software, including a compressor map.
CCS provides turnkey automation solutions for your turbo compressor unit, controlling your driver(s) and driven unit(s).
CCS customizes each turbo machinery control solution to your specific budget. We can use your existing instrumentation and control equipment, eliminating the need for extra hardware costs.

Our patented control algorithms have already been adapted to different off-the-shelf PLC products such as Honeywell C-200/300-20 (coming soon), Allen Bradley ControlLogix, Emerson Delta V, Siemens S7, ABB AC800, Yokogawa Stardom, Wago I/O System 751 and Beckhoff CX, making us the most flexible control solutions provider in the market.

Custom controls for PLC, PC and DCS systems

We create and install new and retrofit programs – including lump sum turnkey (LSTK) integrated plant controls, modeling and simulation tasks – to meet your company’s unique needs. You can rely on our experienced engineers to develop custom controls for your PLC, PC or DCS systems, and provide round-the-clock support to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.

CCS control applications combined with our market-leading expertise provide custom-tailored engineering solutions inclusive of:

  • Surge prevention control
  • Speed / fuel control
  • Parametric diagnostics
  • Sequencer and ESD system
  • Control system HMI
  • Periodical and critical archive
  • Station control
  • Load balancing
  • Station optimization
  • Efficiency comparator

Turbo machinery control systems

We use experience, research, information technology, mathematics and statistics to design applications that give you complete control over your drivers – e.g., gas turbines, steam turbines and expanders – and driven units – e.g., compressors, pumps and generators. We use leading third-party hardware and software products, combined with our patented algorithms, to build controls to your specifications – ensuring compatibility with your current operating system. You can count on our digital controls and mechanical-hydraulic modifications to increase your system’s reliability and reduce operating costs.

Surge prevention controller for compressors

CCS’s surge prevention controller (SPC) protects your centrifugal or axial compressor from costly and damaging surge. The SPC allows you to define the safety line under variable conditions giving you optimum surge protection without unnecessary recycling or blow-off. CCS’s patented SPC provides two independent control loops, dP and Rc. During normal operations, CCS systems offer a high-select mode and control based on the most efficient variable. If at any point in the process either measurement becomes unavailable, CCS provides true continuous control by automatically controlling based on the available control loop.

Station controller for compressors

CCS’s station controller (SC) can load-share or load-balance multiple compressor trains, and manage single compressor trains and cold recycle valve arrangements to protect your turbo compressors with minimal intervention. Customers have the option to predefine target controls for units working in parallel and/or series operation modes to optimize compressor efficiency and speed, or minimize station fuel gas consumption. CCS SC delivers bumpless transfers between manual and automatic operating modes and between main, alternative or limiting control loops.

CCS station controller advantages:

  • State-of-the-art surge prevention techniques utilize patented compressor pressure ratio control methods, even when flow is unavailable
  • Load balancing of multiple turbo machinery units/trains on actual and real-time efficiency of gas turbine, compressors and/or generators
  • Specifically designed for units differing in size and rapidly changing process conditions
  • Patented efficiency comparator for analysis of unit and/or plant operation

Gas / steam turbine fuel / speed controller

CCS control applications for gas turbine fuel control and steam turbine speed control (GTFC or STSC) are effective alternatives to costly OEM turbine control retrofit packages.

Turnkey turbo machinery control solutions

CCS excels in turbo machinery control installation, retrofit, engineering and support. Our services cover a broad range, from project front end engineering and design (FEED) study, to turnkey installation management, to detailed systems engineering. Our project scope commonly includes conceptual and systems design, project engineering and management, programming, commissioning, training and much more.

About CCS

CCS is headquartered in Des Moines, IA, US, and has offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; and Kharkov, Ukraine. In addition, we have distribution partners in Central Asia (Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan), China and Azerbaijan as well as representative partners in South America (Colombia and Ecuador).

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