Continuous Control Solutions (CCS), a company which specialises in industrial turbo-machinery control challenges for different industries, has released a free white paper on

CCS, on the request of YARA Int., implemented its surge prevention control (SPC) algorithms at the company’s ammonia plant in France, using Emerson’s DeltaV process control platform. CCS now offers its DeltaV solution on the market.

The implementation involved inclusion of SPC technology on two existing and plant critical process gas compressors.

In order to install CCS’s SPC technology in Delta V’s Control Studio environment, the programme’s source code needed to be rewritten and reassembled as different blocks and execution tasks.

Also, apart from CCS developed programme routines, each controller has separate execution blocks for input and output processing, depending on the local instruction standards at the end-user’s location.

CCS developed routine interfaces with local input / output processing routines, allowing maximum embedding capabilities.

CCS-developed SPC applications were previously available on a variety of DCS platforms, of which the DeltaV system now offers an alternative platform for radial compressor protection.

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