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Electric Trace-Heating Systems for Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance

Pentair Thermal Management is a leading provider of electrical heat-tracing products and turnkey project solutions for critical industrial applications in safe and hazardous areas.

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Pentair Thermal Management is a leading provider of electrical heat-tracing products and turnkey project solutions for critical industrial applications in safe and hazardous areas. We offer an extensive range of products and services that are used in refineries, power plants, oil rigs and chemical processing plants around the world.

Heat-tracing applications

Pentair’s industrial applications include:

  • Process temperature maintenance
  • Freeze protection for pipes, vessels and instruments
  • Heat-up processes
  • Flow assurance in long pipelines
  • Tank heating and insulation
  • Down-hole heating for enhanced oil recovery
  • Anti-icing of equipment in arctic climates
  • Foundation heating and ramp heating

Heat-tracing products and services

Our thermal management systems include:

  • Exceptional heat-tracing solutions from the world’s first self-regulating heat tracing brand RAYCHEM. Designed to protect installations in the harshest environments, these innovative cables are ideal for heating complex pipework and equipment
  • Industry-leading mineral-insulated heating systems from PYROTENAX are extremely rugged, providing maximum protection for high-temperature applications (up to 700°C)
  • HEW-THERM® industrial polymer insulated heating cables are particularly suitable for heating circuits that are more than 250m-long
  • From simple thermostats to best-in-class advanced networks, DIGITRACE offers the industry’s most complete range of dedicated heat-tracing control and monitoring systems
  • Our TRACER turnkey solutions business is the premier provider of turnkey heat-tracing solutions for the industrial market. Services offered include engineering, design, construction and maintenance support
  • TRACECALC PRO software is the universal design tool for electrical heat-tracing applications supporting worldwide codes, standards and design practices, enabling customers to select the optimum solution from our broad product range. Available on our website, TRACECALC NET is an easy-to-use, online design tool for industrial heat-tracing applications
  • TRACETEK leak-detection systems cover everything from water detection in commercial buildings to leak detection in fuel storage and transportation systems
  • Key flow assurance and oil field services from PETROTRACE down-hole heating systems
  • Vertical lock seam-insulation systems from TRAC-LOC are perfect for use in large storage tanks. These unique solutions combine structural integrity with superior safety and lower cost of ownership

About Pentair Thermal Management

With more than 50 years of experience, Pentair Thermal Management is focused on delivering high-quality, reliable products and valuable services to its customers. Combining efficient technologies with the highest environment, health and safety standards, the company is at the forefront of solving the industry’s biggest challenges. To date, the company has provided more than 500,000km of heating cables for installations in more than 100 counties.

Raychem self-regulating heating cables.
Our heat-tracing cables are used on pipes, instruments, tanks or vessels.
Heat-tracing cables provide freeze protection.
We offer advanced trace-heating systems.
Our trace-heating systems include all components and accessories.
We supply advanced control and monitoring systems.
Pentair’s control and monitoring systems ensure that your process is running at the right temperature.
Trace-heating system for heat-up of vessels.
Tank insulation and leak detection in tank farms.

Pentair Thermal Management has nine major operating locations plus more than 40 sales, distribution, engineering and project service locations around the world, enabling it to serve its customers effectively. From our distribution centre in Leuven, Belgium, our products can be shipped anywhere in Europe, the Middle East and Africa within days.

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