E-100-L lighted end seal kit

Pentair Technical Solutions is proud to announce the introduction of the new Raychem E-100-L lighted end seal kit. The Raychem E-100-L is an above-insulation end seal kit for use with Raychem BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV, or VPL industrial parallel heating cables.

It’s used in industrial applications to terminate the heating cable and acts as a visual power indicator because of its bright LED lights. The IP66 rated lighted end seal is made from high-performance engineered polymer, designed with fully encapsulated electronics for superior reliability and protection against moisture ingress and corrosion.

With a sleek new patent-pending design, the Raychem E-100-L has a unique lens that extends beyond the perimeter of the cap allowing the LED lights to be easily seen from below the assembly when pipes are placed on elevated structures. This value-added feature allows for quick visual verification by maintenance personnel of the heating circuit integrity.

Building upon the success of the previous version, the new Raychem E-100-L features updated electronics that employ the latest technology trends and meet current standards. Furthermore, installation is fast, safe and reliable with the use of the Raychem core sealer (CS-100), which can be done without the use of RTV or a separate heat source. Therefore no curing time or a hot work permit is needed.

"We are constantly looking to improve our products to ensure they meet our customers’ needs," says Marcus Kleinehanding, global product director of industrial heat-tracing solutions from Pentair. "A great product has become even better. The enhanced features of the E-100-L ensure higher reliability and improved performance for our customers."

The Raychem E-100-L is approved for use in hazardous locations by various approvals agencies to meet the requirements of our global customer base. Furthermore, the E-100-L now has a universal voltage range of 100-277 Vac; making the product selection easier and reducing stock levels of our partners and distributors. The lighted end seal is available with a red light or a green light.