Bodycote, the world’s largest thermal processing services provider, is pleased to announce the installation of further electron beam welding (EBW) capacity at its facility in Cambridge, UK. EBW is a specialist metal joining technique used to create high-integrity joints with minimal distortion by using a focused stream of high-energy electrons to apply very localised treatment.

The Cambridge facility’s new high-power machine, with the expanded work chamber which accommodates even larger parts, complements its existing EBW capacity and will help service an increasing customer base, which includes scientific, pharmaceutical and research companies in and around the South East of England. The new capacity addition is in response to an increase in demand driven by regional manufacturers and their markets.

A long-established centre of excellence for metal joining processes, the Cambridge facility has recently secured continued ‘Merit’ status following a recent Nadcap audit by PRI. The Nadcap Merit programme exists to reward superior performance in Nadcap audits, underlining the high standards of quality achieved at Bodycote Cambridge.

Strategically located near major road networks, Bodycote continues to invest in both capacity and resources to deliver high levels of quality and service.