In the current economic climate manufacturing/production companies are facing tough decisions on how to cope with downturn in demand.

Some companies are forced to cease trading, while others cut back on production by working fewer hours or taking plants out of production until an upturn in demand requires the plant to be re-commissioned.

Where appropriate, mothballing plants and equipment protects them and enables a speedy return to production when demand returns. Corroless provides such mothballing services for offshore drilling platforms, power plants, oceangoing vessels and chemical plants using Corroless corrosion inhibitors.

Using the full range of inhibitors we have the capability to protect a diverse range of equipment such as: pipe work (dry and wet), bulk systems, heat exchangers, void spaces, electrical enclosures, motors, control panels, SCR rooms, navigational and telecommunications equipment, electrical enclosures, motors, telecommunication equipment, sensors, navigational equipment, engines, drill floor equipment, standby equipment, compressors, hydraulic systems, wire rope protection, exposed shafts, bearings, valve stems, grease points, threaded connections, external protection to deck/drill floor/derrick equipment, cranes, winches, deck process equipment, travelling/crown blocks, box sections, and pipes.

We also have an inhibitor used for hydrostatic pressure testing, water treatment and cooling systems.