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VCI Corrosion Inhibitors, Hydrotest Additives and Coatings for Offshore Corrosion Protection

CORROLESS® has been a respected name in the specialist anticorrosion field worldwide for over 40 years.

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CORROLESS® has been a respected name in the specialist anticorrosion field worldwide for over 40 years. Our product range includes: corrosion inhibitors and hydrotest additives, based on VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) technology, widely used for the mothballing or lay-up of offshore structures; and rust stabilising coatings, for the painting of hand-prepared rusty steel surfaces, based on the specialised Corroless pigmentation together with glass flake technology.

Based in the UK and supplying worldwide, Corroless products have been widely used on offshore structures in a range of environments and climatic conditions and have established themselves as effective and proven solutions to offshore corrosion protection problems.


Corroless VCI technology works by emitting a vapour which forms a microscopic layer on metal surfaces. This layer has considerable anticorrosive properties and prevents steel and other metals from corroding. Therefore, not only surfaces which are in direct contact with the Corroless product, but also areas in contained void or airspaces above the product, will be protected from corrosion. Air spaces in the internals of engines treated with Corroless VCI oil, internals of pipework during drain-down after hydrotesting and the air space within electrical enclosures, can all be protected using Corroless VCI-containing products.


This information focuses on Corroless VCI technology for corrosion inhibitors and hydrotest additives, as we know from experience that this is of principle interest to Offshore engineers. Our offshore specialists will be pleased to discuss with you on request the range of specialist Corroless rust stabilising coatings, specifically designed for application to hand prepared, rusty steelwork. Corroless coating systems have independent certification showing minimum expected service life of 25 years when applied over hand prepared steelwork, so for areas where blast cleaning is undesirable or impossible, long coating lifetimes can still be achieved.

Corroless corrosion inhibitors can protect most areas of offshore structures.
Shell Gannet used Corroless corrosion inhibitors for lay-up preservation.
Vessel interior, completely protected after two years, using Corroless VCI corrosion inhibitor powder.
Corroless VCI corrosion inhibitors can protect difficult areas on offshore plant and equipment.
Electrical enclosures can be protected using Corroless VCI corrosion inhibitors.


Corroless CCI 250 is a VCI water borne corrosion inhibitor widely used for the hydrotesting of vessels and pipework. Protecting both on contact and in the vapour phase, every crevice of your equipment will be protected from corrosion. Independent testing has shown that CCI 250 is relatively ‘environmentally friendly’ and this product is included in the ‘List of Approved Products Suitable for Use by the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry’. This means that subject to normal government restrictions, it can be discharged into the marine environment.


Corroless CCI Powder is a VCI powder corrosion inhibitor which protects pipework and vessels against corrosion during lay-up and storage. Like CCI 250, CCI Powder is relatively environmentally friendly and appears on the List of Approved Products, and can be discharged into the marine environment subject to normal restrictions.

Corroless CCI Devices include foam pads, foam strip and containers with semi-permeable membrane lids, which contain CCI Powder corrosion inhibitor. These are used in e.g. electrical enclosures to prevent corrosion.

The CCI range of corrosion inhibitor products can protect most offshore areas and equipment and includes:

  • CCI 450 – clear VCI ‘lacquer’ for e.g. corrosion protection of interior of electrical enclosures
  • CCI 300M – VCI corrosion inhibitor mineral oil additive for lubricating and hydraulic oils
  • CCI 350 and 355 – VCI corrosion inhibitor greases for normal and heavy-duty service, for e.g. chains, wire ropes, bearings, open gearing, etc
  • CCI 400 – VCI corrosion inhibitor wax coating for outdoor use in aggressive conditions, for e.g. void spaces, winches, crevices, equipment, etc
  • Contact Corroless for specific technical advice and detailed preservation specifications for your project

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    Offshore structures are constantly exposed to an aggressively corrosive environment. Corroless coatings provide excellent protection for routine maintenance painting, while Corroless vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) have an excellent track record for the protection of a wide range of electrical and mechanical equipment, pipework and vessel internals, and more.

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