MTM Metalizing, a leading expert in the thermal spray coating industry, has won the coveted DNV approval certificate for its thermal sprayed zinc coating procedure. Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a Norwegian classification society that establishes and maintains technical standards for the
construction and operation of ships and offshore structures has approved MTM Metalizing’s thermal sprayed zinc coating technology for use in ballast tanks, double-skin spaces, cofferdams and other enclosed spaces.

Zinc is primarily used for galvanizing steel against corrosion where it is sprayed on all exposed surfaces of the steel. As zinc oxidises more easily with the atmosphere, it provides excellent corrosion resistance. Oxidation occurs when the metal is exposed to air or water and electrons from the metal transfer to the oxygen.

Mr Bill Jordan, general manager of MTM Metalizing, noted that zinc has extensive anti-corrosion qualities.

“Zinc provides greater galvanic protection than other metals such as aluminium. It is the easier of the two metals to apply by either flame or arc spray. It can be deposited onto steel via spraying which is what MTM Metalizing specialises in,” explained Jordan.

He also pointed out: “For many years, the primary objection to metalizing has been that its initial cost is higher than painting. Today’s new arc spray technology has brought down the initial coating cost substantially and hence, there are plenty of life-cycle savings to be reaped from metalizing. In the case of zinc flame spray, the technology has been used to “galvanise” steel since about 1930.”

It is noteworthy that MTM Metalizing is the first metalizing company in the world ever to obtain a DNV Certification of Approval for its thermal sprayed zinc coating technology. The certification is valid until 31st December 2013.

MTM Metalizing attained the certification after extensive testing including accelerated corrosion tests. This is believed to be the first “Alternative Coating” approval issued under the IMO guidelines. The application speed that the IMC-patented equipment produces allows the use of metalizing as a realistic alternative for ballast tank coating.

MTM Metalizing had carried out the thermal sprayed zinc coating procedure on helideck support structures, ship vessels, bridges and tunnels. In Singapore, it has carried out the procedure on MT Polestar, a 25-year-old tanker owned by Megaports in Pan United shipyard and on the flare boom of Akoa Mizu, a ship belonging to Bluewater Energy Services amongst others.

“Singapore is a prominent market for us in the metalizing industry. It is a top-tier country in the Asia-Pacific region for the offshore and shipping industry where the bulk of our clients come from. We hope to apply more of our services to serve our clients in this part of the world,” said Jordan.