FOAMGLAS® has a brand new website. It took us more than a year to create our new website and we couldn’t have done it without our customers. We asked them what they would like to see and read about on our website. We tested, reworked and reworked again. It had to be perfect and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final result.

Our new website is up and running and thanks to a few smart tools, its designed for maximum user friendliness and ease of navigation. We are happy to welcome all of our customers who can now join us on our journey.

Why industrial safety is so important

Industrial safety has never been more important and we are truly trying to make a difference. Our cellular glass insulation helps to protects people, installations and the environment. The how and why are explained on the website under ‘Our values’.

How do you find the perfect solution for your problem?

Are you looking for an insulation solution for your cryogenic piping or equipment? Or are you wondering how you can help prevent condensation or mitigate corrosion under insulation? The ‘Solution Wizard’ provides the answers to your most important questions.

Valuable properties are highlighted

The main function of thermal insulation is reducing the transfer of heat or cold between your object and its surroundings . But FOAMGLAS® cellular glass also has other properties that do so much more. For example, FOAMGLAS insulation plays a crucial role in the fire safety and process control of industrial installations. Our cellular glass insulation is also completely impermeable and has a high compressive strength. In our ‘Advice Center’ you can learn all about the benefits of these properties.

Future-proof installations

We have over half a century of experience with FOAMGLAS projects all across the world. Our featured ‘Reference Projects’ will give you an idea of how previous clients have relied on the expertise of FOAMGLAS insulation for the successful completion of their projects.

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