Pittsburgh Corning’s FOAMGLAS® Terostat insulation has again been chosen for the East Anglian gas terminals at Bacton, Norfolk.

There are several gas reception terminals at Bacton and the FOAMGLAS Terostat insulation system has become the first-choice insulation system on these sites.

TICA member Cape Industrial Services has been responsible for stripping and re-insulating two cold gas trains in the last 12 months on one of the sites, which receives gas from offshore platforms in the southern North Sea.

In both cases, these projects had to be completed in a very short time. They required quick manufacturing lead times and an insulation system that could be rapidly installed.

"Cape was supported by the Pittsburgh Corning UK site technical services team."

Cape stripped two layers of PIR and replaced them with one layer of FOAMGLAS Terostat insulation.

FOAMGLAS Terostat is a complete, pre-applied insulation and coating system with the best possible UK fire-safety rating, BS476 Class-O. This fire-safety rating is significantly better than any other coated cellular glass insulation system.

The near-ideal thermal expansion/contraction co-efficient of FOAMGLAS cellular glass for cold systems meant the system could be installed in just one layer, when equivalent plastic foam systems would have had to be installed in double layers. This advantage, combined with the ease of application of the FOAMGLAS Terostat system, saved time on-site and enabled the tight programme to be met.

Cape was supported by the Pittsburgh Corning UK site technical services team.

The FOAMGLAS Terostat PCFRi system will offer a long, safe and successful life for one of the UK’s major gas terminals, helping to provide security of supply to the UK.