One of BP’s North Sea platforms is the ETAP platform. The focus on the BP ETAP platform will be on a safe start up as another successful TAR (turnaround) comes to completion. Safety is always the key focus with BP as their ‘Golden Rules’ highlight for anyone who has ever worked on a BP project.

BP is very serious when it comes to safety, and corrosion under insulation (CUI) is something they do not take lightly. BP has invested in a dedicated team of corrosion professionals, who scrutinise each asset they operate in the North Sea and continually evaluate the best solutions and options to combat corrosion. This is a huge task as BP operates some of the largest North Sea Platforms and Installations, which have been producing Oil & Gas for the UK economy for more than 20 years.

This is where Pittsburgh Corning’s FOAMGLAS® ONE™ Insulation has assisted BP in this challenge. BP’s offshore anti-CUI specification states that all process piping and equipment within a certain temperature range should be insulated with cellular glass insulation. FOAMGLAS® insulation is a 100% closed cell insulation system, non-combustible, non-absorbent, corrosion chemical-resistant, consists of pre-formed fittings for ease of install and reduced labour times, and is one of the most preeminent options when it comes to anti corrosion.

To ensure a sound fire and weather-resistant finish, BP opted for a Fibaclad FR M1 (FTI) material to complete the system, again all pre-formed for more installation. All FOAMGLAS® insulation joints were sealed with a high-temperature sealant and the Fibaclad joints were sealed with Pittsburgh Corning’s Terostat PC® FRi sealant.

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