New pakcaging for Prefabricated Insulation

Pittsburgh Corning Europe is pleased to announce that while our competitors are raising the price of their products, we are simply raising the bar associated with quality.

This new packaging upgrade is in line with our continuing efforts of product improvement. The voice of the customer taught us where improvements could be made and we used those findings as a blueprint to redesign our packaging and the way our goods are shipped.

This quality update includes the upgrade of all of our cartons, as well as the pallets they are shipped on. The quality upgrade will ensure easier handling and will guarantee a better overall quality.

All FOAMGLAS® insulation prefabricated pieces will leave our factories in our brand new cartons on the improved pallets as of March 2016.

Key benefits of the new improved packaging design

Improved carton material:

The new cartons will be made of a much stronger and more rigid cardboard material and coating. This ensures that all insulation pieces are better protected against any external force and it will also guarantee a better weather protection.

Improved carton design:

The new white carton design makes it easier to read all the information that is included on the packaging and enhances the overall visibility of the material.

This new design is also in-line with our global branding strategy and reflects the brand assets which the FOAMGLAS® brand stands for.

New improved pallets:

Our wooden pallets also received an upgrade. The new material is stronger which will improve the overall safety.

The new improved wooden pallets will also be a bit higher than before and will have a greater opening height, which will facilitate forklift handling.

The pallets also have more top deckboards, which decreases the deck spacing and improves the overall stability.

The dimensions of the wooden pallets and cartons have been adapted to each other so that all different sizes of cartons fit the wooden pallets perfectly and no cartons will overlap.

More boxes a pallet:

The old way of stacking was eight boxes on a pallet with two pallets stacked on top of each other. This has resulted in some stability issues in the past and made it also rather difficult to reach the top row of boxes, which could lead to some safety issues.

The new way of stacking is 12 boxes on one pallet. So each pallet will contain more boxes a pallet, so pallets don’t have to be stacked on top of each other anymore.

This way of not having to stack pallets has a positive influence on the overall stability and ensures safer and easier handling on-site as the top row of boxes is now at just over eye-level and therefore easily accessible.

For more information, please contact Pittsburgh Corning.