Pittsburgh Corning Europe is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at this year’s StocExpo exhibition, which is set to take place from 28-30 March at The Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The three-day conference and exhibition is the largest international event for the bulk liquid storage industry, bringing together thousands of storage professionals to network, learn and do business.

You can stop by our booth I28 to learn more about the benefits of FOAMGLAS insulation tank and storage solutions like our FOAMGLAS High Load Bearing insulation blocks, highly suitable for the insulation of tank bases in every temperature range.

A few benefits of a FOAMGLAS insulation tank base system are:

Short payback period

Depending on storage temperature, insulation thickness and energy costs, the payback period, when insulating the bottom of your storage tank bottom with FOAMGLAS insulation, can be as low as just a few months to two years.

Protection of the base slab against high operating temperatures

FOAMGLAS insulation protects the substrate (concrete base slab) against high temperatures. This increases safety and longevity.

Simple design with profitable installation costs

FOAMGLAS insulation offers a simple alternative for the insulation of tank bottoms. The installation costs are reduced by the simplicity of construction and the use of economic materials.

FOAMGLAS insulation can be installed with a built-in slope

FOAMGLAS insulation can be delivered to the project site with a predefined built-in slope which makes it easy to create a fall for drainage, it also makes it possible to work with a flat base slab.

Long life cycle

FOAMGLAS insulation is a proven, durable insulation material with a constant insulation value throughout its life cycle which often is longer than the life cycle of the tank itself.


FOAMGLAS insulation provides not just insulating benefits but also helps to prevent corrosion and can also be applied to all types of tanks (including stainless steel storage tanks).

Visit us at booth I28 if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a FOAMGLAS tank base insulation system that will save energy costs with rapid payback periods.