Corrosion Solutions Ltd. (CSL) specialises in the preservation of equipment and systems. We have been in business for nearly 20 years. Our company works worldwide on projects as diverse as lay-up / mothballing of FPSOs to the preservation of new oilfield construction projects, mothballing and lay up of drilling assets and ships.

Already this year, CSL have laid-up and assisted their clients with the mothballing and lay up of drilling rigs, survey ships and pipe lay ships. All of these assets require specific knowledge to protect and store correctly until again required. CSL offers this service.

Our company is FPAL registered and also approved to ISO 9001: 2008 specifically for corrosion prevention and control, site services and consumables supply. We are the longest serving UK distributor for Cortec Corporation for their range of vapour phase corrosion inhibitors and the one that has focussed in the oil and gas industry needs for nearly 20 years.

What we can do for your assets

CSL have been working hard this year supporting drilling contractors in their lay up and mothballing efforts for their drilling rigs in order to maintain them in highest standard until again required. Ships related to the survey and pipe lay in the O&G industry have also been mothballed with the assistance of CSL. All of this plus our regular support of new builds and operational maintenance preservation both in onshore and offshore facilities.

At a time when assets are being suspended or closed or when fewer people are around to maintain your assets, this is when CSL are most needed. We come in, help protect your assets onshore or offshore, in any worldwide location to ensure they remain fit for purpose and ready to recommission when needed.

CSL managing director Allan Durham comments: "This is a tough time for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

"Our clients need us most at this time to safeguard their assets and ensure they remain fit for purpose. We are here to help with preservation, corrosion control and mothballing and lay-up whenever and wherever needed."

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