Corrosion Solutions specialises in the preservation of equipment and systems. We have been in business since 1998. Our company works worldwide on projects as diverse as lay up / mothballing of FPSO’s to the preservation of new oilfield construction projects and offshore materials spares management.

Our company is FPAL registered and also approved to ISO 9001:2008, specifically for corrosion prevention and control, site services and consumables supply.

What we can do for your spares

CSL can develop a series of preservation procedures, detailing both the initial preservation requirements, such as quantity and the application of corrosion inhibitors, bagging or wrapping, and also detailing the active preservation requirements such as turning shafts periodically, operating valves, connecting power to electric motors to energise internal heating.

We can supply all of the consumables required and carry out the preservation work offshore or onshore at any vendor storage facility.

Preservation falls into two parts, initial preservation and active preservation.

Initial preservation is the application of corrosion inhibitors and active where required includes rotation of equipment and megger testing, CSL can manage all this on your behalf. We can arrange or advise client of ongoing vendor servicing as required.

This approach will ensure your operational or insurance spares will remain in a condition ‘fit for purpose’ exactly when you need them.