Vandervelde Protection fights corrosion and fouling in the offshore industry. With an 80-year track record of excellence in performance, the company provides impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems, a cost-effective and sustainable solution for corrosion protection of steel structures and vessels. Solutions also include impressed current anti-fouling (ICAF) systems against fouling of pumps, cooling water inlets, box coolers, tanks, etc.

NACE studies estimate global corrosion costs at $2.5 trillion annually. Vandervelde Protection can significantly reduce these costs by applying impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP). Founded in 1937, Vandervelde Protection has been a frontrunner and promoter of ICCP systems. From its headquarters in the Netherlands, the company has served oil, gas and energy companies worldwide. Providing excellence in products and services. Helping our clients reduce risk and maintenance costs and improving the durability and sustainability of their assets are our main priorities.


Even though ICCP has been around for decades, it is still overshadowed by sacrificial anode cathodic protection (SACP) in terms of application and awareness. ICCP systems have been gone through major developments since the turn of the century and currently outperform SACP systems in all aspects. The cost of materials, monitoring, installation and maintenance of ICCP systems is dramatically lower than SACP systems.

Multi-zone Duvine transformer rectifier. Manually or output controlled. Remote monitoring and control ready. Input AC or DC (solar).
MMO anode in HDPE casing. The casing protects the anode and serves as a shielding for better current spread. Construction of casing and anode are custom-designed and made per project.
Hanging anode construction for a jetty. Steel piles are protected by ICCP, anodes are suspended from the deck or gate with a durable tube construction. Rectifier(s) are placed in a central position.
Compact electronic transformer rectifier unit, which can be supplied from 5A to 50A in a compact casing that can be easily hung at a preferred location.
Monitoring and maintenance of an ICCP system at an offshore high voltage power platform. The monopile is protected by ICCP for over 30 years.
MMO anode in HDPE casing mounted on a door of a storm surge barrier in the Netherlands.
AgAgCl reference electrode construction for sea water purposes. The electrode is mounted at the bottom of coated steel pipe. The reference electrode ensures good CP measurements to monitor CP performance.
Anode rack for ICAF system. ICAF systems are custom designed and made for each application. The Cu-anodes usually last five to ten years and can easily be replaced.
Anode racks for ICAF system. Racks will be mounted from a hanging construction in sea chests. Cu-anode racks can be replaced during regular maintenance intervals.
Anode racks for ICAF system boxed for shipment.

Newly developed mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes provide a better and more durable current output. The latest generations of transformer rectifier units are smaller, more energy-efficient and cheaper.

For some applications, SACP might be cheaper for initial material costs. But SACP requires a complete renewal of all anodes over 5 to 10 years. Whereas the anodes of ICCP systems can last for 30 years.

Vandervelde Protection engineering and consultancy for the offshore industry

Vandervelde Protection offers desk and field engineering services, as well as the design of cathodic protection systems of jetties, offshore wind, platforms, rigs, harbours, etc. Choosing the right CP system requires knowledge of all variables for the offshore sector. Our experienced team can design from our headquarters. Our field engineers can perform field studies, pre-construction surveys, supervision on-site, as well as CP measurements. We have worldwide experience and have provided systems and services from Asia to the Americas. Our clients include most oil and gas major players, energy companies and a range of governments globally.

Customised solutions

Vandervelde Protection is dedicated to providing the best product for each individual situation and customising solutions to meet each client’s needs. We work in close cooperation with many producers, which results in a wide product range:

-Transformer Rectifier

  • Duvine
  • AEE
  • NES
  • Amstel

-Remote monitoring and control

  • byAutoma
  • Duvine
  • NES
  • Amstel

-MMO anodes and SACP anodes

-Reference electrodes

  • AgAgCl
  • Zinc
  • AgAgCl/Zinc combination
  • Cables

Vandervelde Protection anti-fouling systems

Fouling of pumps, sea chests, inlets, etc. can lead to incremental costs, risk and downtime. Vandervelde Protection’s impressed current anti-fouling (ICAF) systems have a proven track record of effectiveness and durability. Our ICAF systems are designed and produced in-house with Cu-anodes or a Cu/Al-anode combination.

ICAF works by impressing current on anodes, which slowly release ions into the water to kill unwanted marine fouling. Our ICAF systems have been installed and used worldwide. Some systems have been in use for over 50 years. The renewal of anodes construction is required after a set amount of about five years.

About Vandervelde Protection

Vandervelde Protection can design and produce the required ICAF systems for each application. Field engineers can help during the installation and maintenance of the system. Our clients include oil and gas majors and many European shipping and dredging companies.