WIWA develops and manufactures 1K and 2K airless spray-painting units, as well as fluid-handling, material extrusion and injection systems.

WIWA’s sturdy devices and equipment have consistently proven themselves in painting and coating jobs under the harshest conditions.

They are used worldwide for a range of applications, such as applying insulation materials and fire or corrosion-protection materials to pipes, pipeline components and onshore and offshore plants.

Precision painting systems for the offshore industry

With more than 120 highly qualified employees, WIWA manufactures painting and coating systems for the most diverse array of customer specifications under the highest quality standards.

WIWA’s DUOMIX 333 PFP is certified for Zone 1 applications.
The HERKULES PFP 1K system features a resilient design.
DUOMIX PFP 2K is specially designed for drilling platforms.

Sales are carried out through company-owned branches in the US, China and the Middle East, as well as through professional distributors worldwide. In close cooperation with this team of international experts, WIWA engineers and implements industry-leading customised solutions.

Fire and corrosion protection for steel and concrete

WIWA technology has a proven track record in the fields of decorative and protective surface coating, applications in surface sealing for tunnel and canal construction, and the processing of high-viscosity, pasty 2K and 3K materials for use on steel and concrete in offshore operations.

The DUOMIX PFP 2K application system was optimised by WIWA hand-in-hand with leading manufacturers of intumescent fire-protection materials specifically for drilling platforms and other offshore applications.

Fire-protection units certified for offshore use

The WIWA DUOMIX 333 PFP was one of the first 2K fire-protection units to be certified for work in Zone 1 of the offshore industry.

Thanks to its innovative mechanical design with long-lasting wearing parts and minimal electronic components, the DUOMIX works trouble-free and reliably, even under the most difficult climate conditions.

With its high-power extrusion pumps, this unit is capable of moving and applying heavy fire-protection materials with a high concentration of solid substances without any problems.

The system makes it possible to apply thick coatings to surfaces of up to 500m² per day. It is available in an explosion-proof version and is thus suitable for use in the oil and gas industry. All components meet ATEX guidelines.

Spray guns for fire protection and coating material

WIWA-DUOMIX units are characterised by high levels of mixing precision, an even application of materials and a high degree of efficiency. WIWA has specially developed spray guns for fire protection or other coating materials.

High-performance coatings for small surfaces

For coating or touching-up small surfaces in offshore applications, WIWA’s portfolio includes the WIWA HERKULES PFP 1K system. Its tried-and-tested and resilient design allows for easy handling, quick changing of the material tank and use on practically every kind of construction site.

Worldwide customer service and on-site support

Whether it’s a small transfer pump or a high-performance coating system, WIWA devices are robust, durable, reliable and easy to service. A wide range of spare parts and accessories are quickly and readily available for the various models.

WIWA supports customers worldwide, with service that covers commissioning and product training by highly qualified experts at customers’ locations or worksites.

About WIWA

Founded in Germany in 1950, WIWA has focused on high-end paint spraying equipment since the late 1960s. Located around an hour north of Frankfurt, WIWA is a family-owned and operated business in the second generation. The name WIWA was derived from the founder’s name Wilhelm Wagner.

WIWA has recently expanded its manufacturing facilities to nearly double the previous capacity in order to keep up with the demand for the company’s high-quality products.