WRS Marine Inspections and Services provides worldwide services and tailor-made solutions to ship owners and ship-related companies, particularly for hull assessment, repair and cathodic protection systems.

Those who go to sea with WRS Marine soon discover that we apply more than skill and craftsmanship to the work on hand. Our personnel apply skill, craftsmanship and enthusiasm to every project on which they work. This is an optimal combination which makes it difficult to leave WRS on the beach.

WRS personnel are specialised in each aspect of quality inspection work, be it onshore or offshore, NDT, inspection / supervision, delivery and consultancy on sacrificial anodes, antifouling systems and/or impressed current systems for corrosion protection, LIII services and/or (NDT) rope access work.

We consider ourselves to be your partner in a project and we are aware of our responsibilities for an adequate and efficient approach to the completion of our work.

WRS Marine Inspections and Services offers worldwide services and tailor-made solutions to ship owners and ship-related companies. Sea and ships: this is where we feel at home.
Rope access work: our daily routine.
Rope access and UTM: our area of expertise.
A typical layout of sacrificial anodes.

Hull damage assessment and repair services

WRS Marine is certified by all major classification societies and carries out surveys according to the guidelines given for assessment and repair of hull damage. For instance, pre-inspections may be carried out prior to docking, thus reducing repair costs for ship owners.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Worldwide services during docking periods
  • Assistance during steel repairs
  • Ultrasonic surveys and thickness measurements
  • Cathodic protection
  • Rope access and NDT services

Hull condition monitoring services

WRS provides on demand, up to date information about the hull condition of your vessels through class renewal surveys, ultrasonic testing and cathodic protection of the hull or ballast tank. WRS is thus a full-service company, thereby answering to the ever-increasing requirement of supplying a total and complete service package to shipyards and ship owners all over the world. This statement is backed by our growing client list.

Rope access inspection services

Rope access enables certain work where other conventional access methods cannot be easily applied. Rope access equipment is lightweight and therefore may be set up and removed in no time, making this technique invaluable on many difficult sites and work environments. 

What makes WRS unique is the combination of our rope access capabilities with current NDT methods such as UT, MT and, last but not least, eddy current (ET). Eddy current inspection techniques are increasingly asked for, as paint and coating layers do not have to removed (contrary to MPI) in the search of surface anomalies such as cracks. Most of our NDT technicians carry qualifications for all of the above.  

Docking assistance during repairs

The newest alterations of shipping rules and regulations are available in our offices upon issue. This ensures that we are always up to date with the latest requirements.

Our reporting system is in line with the latest applicable guidelines of the International Association of Classification Societies and is accepted by all major agencies. Reports are submitted either as a hard copy or on a CD-ROM.

Said reports contain all relevant information such as pitting, groove corrosion, corroded spots, coating breakdowns, holes, dents, buckles, knife edging, etc.

Offshore cathodic protection systems and services

WRS Marine and our technicians have decades of experience in the corrosion protection of steel structures and the prevention of marine growth, for instance at box coolers and sea water intakes. This is the case both in shipping and offshore. We enjoy high praise and have acquired a sound reputation around the world for our expertise and know how.

WRS Marine technicians service all types of impressed current systems worldwide. We engineer, deliver and install these systems anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we service not only all types of existing installations, but we can retrofit or design new (tailor-made) systems as and when required using the latest version of equipment available.

Our systems are uniquely characterised by extensive control and steering options, and can be connected to the vessel management system. The specially designed controlling program constantly processes the flow of data received from the sensors installed on the vessel. Together with high-grade keramoX® coated titanium anodes and reference electrodes, the power unit ensures the correct degree of protection in any situation. Even during considerable variations of the electrolytic effects of water, the system will quickly adapt itself to the new conditions and will continue to offer correct and optimum protection.