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Aluminium Structures for the Offshore Industry

Bayards Helidecks designs, engineers, manufactures and installs complex aluminium structures for the Offshore Industry.

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Bayards Helidecks designs, engineers, manufactures and installs complex aluminium structures for the Offshore Industry.

Aluminium constructions for the oil and gas sector

Bayards Helidecks has successfully developed and supplied Offshore structures worldwide, including:

  • Living quarter structures
  • Stair towers
  • Helidecks
  • Handrailing
  • Antenna towers
  • Flex-barriers
  • Helicopter hangars
  • Safety gates
  • Swing load protection barriers
  • Telescopic gangways
  • Wind and heat shields

Turnkey helidecks

Bayards Helidecks manufactures and supplies various aluminium structures to the Offshore Industry such as living quarters, helidecks, Bayards Safedecks and support structures and access systems.

The company designs, engineers and supplies turnkey helidecks, including additional equipment such as winterisation, lighting systems, firefighting systems and refuelling units.

The West Phoenix rig will go on to further wildcat drilling projects for Neptune Energy.
For BP’s Valhall project, Bayards has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed the aluminium living quarters, stair towers and gangways.
Aasta Hansteen equipped with a fully outfitted 26.1m aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.
BP’s Claire Ridge equipped with aluminium stair towers, swing load protection barriers and handrails.
Pacific Orca equipped with a fully outfitted 15m aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.
Offshore substation in Amrumbank, Denmark, equipped with a 23m diameter aluminium helideck by Bayards.
Sapura Onix equipped with a fully outfitted 22.2m aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.
DIFFS in action on the Maersk Connector. The vessel is equipped with a fully outfitted aluminium helideck, complete with a support structure, supplied by Bayards.
Seven Rio equipped with a fully outfitted 22.2m aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.
West Phoenix equipped with a fully outfitted 23m aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.
Shell Prelude equipped with a fully outfitted 20.9m aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.

Manufactured assembly kits for helidecks

Bayards Helidecks provides its helidecks as prefabricated assembly kits according to the client’s needs. These can be shipped in standard containers to any yard or site in the world where Bayards Helidecks professionals supervise the assembly by the client’s personnel. Upon arrival, the company will assemble the aluminium structure with its local assembly crew. This ensures that once the helideck is lifted onto the platform or vessel, it is just a matter of plug and play.

Bayards Helidecks’ helideck assembly kits are completely bolted, so no special tools, heavy cranes or on-site drilling, welding or cutting are required.

Helideck fire-suppressing systems

In addition to equipping its helidecks with conventional firefighting systems and/or deck-integrated firefighting systems (DIFFS), Bayards Helidecks developed the Safedeck system: a helideck with enhanced, passive fire-suppressing performances.

It is specifically designed to optimally drain any liquids directly through the perforated deck surface. It autonomously and immediately suppresses the fire by combining the effects of relocating fuel, cutting off oxygen supply and cooling.

As a result, the Safedeck guarantees maximum safety for a landing helicopter.

Aluminium accommodation structures

Aluminium living quarter buildings are up to 60% lighter than steel equivalents and corrosion-resistant.

They require hardly any maintenance or painting and have a design life of more than 35 years, resulting in extremely low cost of ownership.

Stair towers

Bayards Helidecks offers a bespoke construction kit according to the client’s needs, which can be transported anywhere. Moreover, the company supplies all forms of cladding, including A60-cladding.

Hand railing and safety systems

Bayards Helidecks is a leader in the development of advanced and highly cost-effective safety and handrail systems. The company has created a unique modular hand railing system that is easy to install and maintenance-free.

Wind and heat shields for Offshore platforms

Bayards Helidecks delivers wind and heat shields according to the client’s requirements to provide extra protection for Offshore platforms and their personnel.

Offshore platform safety gates

Bayards Helidecks’ robust and flexible safety gates ensure continuous reliability on dynamic offshore platforms.

Flex-barriers and swing load protection barriers

Bayards Helidecks offers lightweight and maintenance-free safety systems such as flex barriers and swing load protection barriers.

Antenna towers

Easy to assemble and quickly operational, Bayards Helidecks’ aluminium antenna towers can be equipped with custom-specific claddings and coatings, such as the internationally required red and white striped safety colours.

Telescopic gangways

Bayards Helidecks offers lightweight aluminium gangways to connect offshore platforms, vessels, ships and quays.

The reduced weight facilitates the three-movement planes, namely slewing, luffing and telescoping.

About Bayards Helidecks

Using extensive knowledge and experience, Bayards Helidecks provides clients with innovative solutions. All structures meet the highest quality standards (ISO 9001). In addition, all of the structures are built in accordance with the latest international safety and environmental requirements from Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001) and the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO 14001).

Bayards Helidecks implements in-house and advanced technology to continuously develop premium aluminium structures.

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